How To Watch a Surgery Video

Surgery room

There was a time when the only way you could watch a surgery video was by having the special privilege of watching a live surgery. Now, watching a surgery video is just a click of your mouse. If you want to watch a surgery to learn more for school or if you are just basically curious then visit the websites below.

  1. UC San Diego Medical Center. If you have Adobe Flash player and a broadband speed that can play big files then you can watch surgery videos for the San Diego Medical Center. There are a few videos that show surgery techniques for complications surgery. You can see how the different procedures in surgery can make a huge difference in a person's life.
  2. You Tube. Not surprisingly you will find surgery videos in you tube. Just type in scar surgery or postoperative surgery and you will find what you want to see. Some of the videos are linked to main health sites or clinics, while some are not. You can watch these videos but do not take every procedure that you see as correct because everyone can just upload on this site.
  3. Medline Plus. This is a site that contains a medical library that is affiliated with the United States National Library of medicine. The number of surgery videos you can watch can keep you up for days. They even have transcripts along with the videos. It is being used by health professionals for reference and can be accessed by non-professionals.
  4. Christiana Health System. This health system's goal is to provide the best for everyone by conducting research for the cure of diseases. This is a resourceful site that can give you the most recent findings and links to videos that could help you in finding out what you need to know.
  5. Spine Universe. This website deals with spinal surgery consultations and procedures. Just click on a link and it will take you to the video. The downside is you would need to install a plug in to view the videos. It would not take too much time but it's just not as easy to access as others.
  6. Neurosurgery Videos. Brain surgery would surely be an interesting video to watch. For this site, downloading any plug in is not required to watch the videos. Just click on the arrow and it will start playing. If you are expecting a full-length show, however, you will be disappointed. The videos run for a brief period of time but it can give you a glimpse of how the surgery is done.

When you watch a surgery video, keep an open mind. It would be difficult to watch if you did not steel yourself from what you could see. Learn from these videos, you will understand how fragile you are.


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