How To Write a Career Research Essay

Students are often required to write essays and research papers to evaluate their knowledge on specific subject matters. If you are a graduating college student or someone who wishes to apply for a scholarship, you might have been asked to create a career research essay.

A career research essay is a type of research paper that discusses a certain job position or career that you are currently engaged in or may find interesting. It gives you a review of the entire details on a certain job that you may have to know about. In creating a career research essay, there are several things that you must know.

It is important that you know your topic. You can search in libraries or online sources for careers or occupations that may be used on your paper. Gather research materials on the topic and create notes to help you organize your draft.

The important data to gather are the education attainment for the career, the actual salary, travel benefits, added opportunities, the job history, and other requirements when given. Create an outline that can guide you in producing your essay.

A thesis statement can help you establish the main point of your paper. You must then create topic sentences to support it. Just keep in mind that you should focus on the thesis statement while doing the essay to keep it straightforward and concise. The conclusion part of the outline can be an overview of the entire essay.

Write the introduction. Once you've found the right career to write about and you've completed your outline, begin with the introduction part. You may want to give a brief introduction of yourself and why you chose this topic. Start by providing the meaning of the subject and the reason for writing the paper. You must also add your skills, interests, and knowledge on the topic to make the paper more credible.

Write the body. After accomplishing the introduction which should roughly be composed of 1-2 paragraphs, you can proceed to the body part of the research paper. This part can have at least three paragraphs since everything that you've researched will be placed on this portion.

The key ideas that would appear in the body are the reason for choosing the career in relation to its duties and responsibilities, the importance of the work position in a specific industry, and the possibility of advancing from that career.

Write the conclusion. The conclusion would be the same as that from your outline. The only difference is that it is in a detailed format leaving the right impression on its readers about your interest on the topic. You can add your future plans and ideas once you have achieved that job. 1-2 paragraphs can be enough to end your essay.

Creating an essay, whether for personal or professional use, needs a lot of attention and effort to make the readers feel what you have written. You should also stay focused when doing this to avoid any errors in grammar or spelling which can cause some problems when left unfixed. It would be helpful to always reread your essay first before submitting it.


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