How To Write a Dissertation on International Business

International business is a huge topic. If you want to write a dissertation on it, narrow it down until you can get your hands on a smaller topic. The key to having a good international business dissertation is to have a particular topic, with a brief and comprehensible title. Some of those good, but broad topics for international business dissertation are the following: reasons why companies go into foreign markets; difficulties of doing business abroad; the crossing of knowledge and new methods over international borders; etc. Each of these topics comprises small topics from which you can choose. Any one of these is way easier to tackle than the main topic because it is too general. Having narrowed down your topic, you can now make your dissertation's objectives more attainable.

In addition, an organized and well-written dissertation is comprehensible; the arguments explained more thoroughly. To make it so, follow the conventional way of making a dissertation. You can start with giving the reader an executive summary; followed by introduction that talks about your objectives; then state your hypotheses or research questions; then make a literature review; methodology; result and discussion; and the last part, conclusion and recommendations. 

Listed below are guides on how to write your international business dissertation.

  • Build your dissertation committee before you start writing your dissertation. This committee will help you make your dissertation on international business. They can help you choose your topic and guide you through the whole process of creating the international business dissertation. However, make sure that this committee of yours have experience on international business. Otherwise, they will not be much of any help.
  • Understand the handbook that comes with the international business program. It contains steps on how to proceed with the dissertation. Take your time in researching for the dissertation on international business. Although you have narrowed down the topic, it still requires tons of work. Drafts of you documentation need to be submitted at various times. Meeting with your adviser, as well as with the committee is a must. Also, no matter how busy you are, never forget the dissertation's deadline.
  • Create an outline. Follow the conventional structure for the dissertation. Ask your adviser if what you are doing is right before you continue writing the real thing.
  • Budget your time in writing the drafts and making revisions. Compute the time consumed in revising and how much time you need more for finalizing. Be sure you have more than enough time before the deadline since your dissertation may still need last minute tweaks. 

It is important to display precise referencing in a dissertation for the reader to see the basis of your arguments. For the benefit of the reader, you may add an introduction in every chapter as a guide and chapter summary that talks about lessons learned in that chapter. That way, they can easily follow through the dissertation on international business. 


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