How To Write an Exploratory Essay

Exploratory Essay: Start to Know

What is an exploratory essay? Exploratory essay, unlike others, is writing without something in mind. The research, interview and writing processes are all about becoming familiar with the things that you have no idea of. Writing an exploratory essay is not about writing what one already knows; rather it is about exploring what he can know. How to make an exploratory essay?

It is exciting to realize that an exploratory essay lives by the things that the writer is uncertain about. These uncertainties will serve as the writer's source of motivation.

Here is a list that will ensure the writer of favorable output:

Step 1

Find issues that interest you.

Step 2

List five possible topics for exploration.

Step 3

Find out which of the topics need further discussion.

Step 4

Make an outline that focuses on a question rather than thesis.

Step 5

Explore the strength and weaknesses of the problem solutions you have written.

Step 6

Choose the best solution and stand on it.

Step 7


What are its advantages over other Essay types? It is useless to deny that exploratory essay writing is harder than other essay types. Not only does it start with uncertainty rather than concrete ideas, but it also requires much logical apprehension. However, its advantages are at the same rate inevitable. An exploratory essay allows the writer to gain knowledge in truly exciting ways. Most of the time, it expose the writer to fact that he used to challenge. At the end of the writing progression the writer will realize that most the things she thought she knew about the subject matter were outdated. Above everything, the writer will realize that after the writing process, his or her style becomes more complex. After presenting all the underlying principles about exploratory essays, it is for the reader of this article to decide if he is willing to pursue this type of essay. Meanwhile, he must understand that everything in this world is difficult, but every effort is rewarded.


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