How To Find Journals on Nursing Education

Before enrolling in any college course, a student needs information to guide him in choosing the right education. This is called career planning. Some schools invite representatives from different schools on different courses to give orientation to graduating students of the inviting school. In addition to these live orientations, there are journals where one can find information about his interest.

Information on nursing education is found in many journals of education to help students understand fully what the course really means. Here are some of them.

  1. Journal of Nursing Education – This is a Slack Incorporated Publication. One article from this journal is about the nursing faculty's sentiments about the differences in the thinking of today's generation, the Net generation as they call it, from the previous generation ─ the generation of the faculty. The journal states that technology and the environment from where they were raised influence the way the students today think and read. Although the nursing faculty is not complaining, it can be felt that they still cling to their generation's practice. The journal suggests a rethinking and realigning of the teaching process to the Net generation.
  2. The International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship (IJNES) – This is produced by Berkeley Electronic Press. This journal gives perspectives and issues regarding nursing education, including articles in response to issues published in the journal. Innovations in the nursing education, researches about the current trends and theories about specific issues are presented in the publication. It requires an affordable subscription fee but faculty will benefit from its varied articles, practitioners will know some current practices, students will be able to decide whether nursing education is really their course, and libraries will get the most benefit for reading and research purposes.
  3. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing – We're specifically referring to Vol. 40 No. 7. This journal contains articles about the challenges on health literacy, improvement of health outcomes, and reduction of unnecessary health care subjects. Some nursing schools provide so many subjects that are not important in the course. Subjects related to the patient's education to address health literacy are required.
  4. The Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education (AEJNE) – This journal provides its readers information sharing. It provides a forum for undergraduate students as well as postgraduate nursing educators.
  5. Journal of Nursing Education[TA] - J Nurs Educ 2009; 48(6):350-4 – This journal supports the development of the clinical environment. The paper addresses student progression and their learning activities. It recognizes the forces that influenced clinical education. The paper also contains studies regarding the ratio of nursing students and available clinical placements.
  6. Journal of Practical Nursing (NAPNES) – A section in the journal allows nursing educators from all over the country an opportunity to network with other educators and registered nurses. They share best practices and interests in a continuing education. The journal invests in academic advising which contributes to student development.

The above journals present information regarding nursing education. The articles they contain describe the nursing education course and the skills integral to the course. Incoming college students who wanted to take up nursing may benefit from these journals. Nursing students are updated with the trends of the profession and nursing educators can share their views with other educators regarding the nursing community.  You can also get up-to-date information in the field by attending one of the many available high-quality online nursing degree programs.


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