How To Get a Doctorate Degree in Accounting

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Accounting is still one of the toughest - yet most rewarding - Bachelor degrees ever. If you have an accounting degree, you will surely have a bright future. You will be sought after by companies everywhere if you have an accredited degree - and now you can earn one online!

Your university degree will be your passport to fortune. In today's global recession, the need for accountants has only grown in demand. Accounting will always be one of the top choices when it comes to college courses. However, a bachelor's degree can only do so much. If you want to extend your horizons to the hills you might want to pursue higher learning. A master's degree is a better route, but the best route would still be to go for a doctorate degree in accounting.

There are so many paths that will open up if you proceed to go for a PhD degree. You can become a CEO of a financial institution, a professor, an author, a CPA practitioner of a top accounting firm, an internal tax auditor, a financial consultant and so much more. But how do you get a doctorate degree in accounting? We have listed the requirements for your perusal.

The first step in getting a doctorate degree is to find a university to enroll in. This is not always easy, because the majority of universities in the US only offer up to a Master's degree for accounting. PhD students are scarce, so many schools do not bother opening the program. Once you have chosen your school, you will then take care of meeting the requirements set. There are different standards for different schools. Normally, the school would look for good credentials for both college and master degree transcripts. The professional experience would also be a factor. That's why you have to have at least 3-5 years accounting experience before you can go back to school. Be ready with your professional licenses, like CPA and CIA, for their reference. Most of all, you would have to present satisfactory GMAT scores--the most important criterion of all.

The doctorate program dictates that you should teach one or two classes every semester to complete your curriculum. You could also be employed as an assistant researcher to finish the semester. A regular PhD program, whether in a traditional university or an online degree program, includes three to five classes for PhD seminars, four to six classes for accounting jobs and four to six classes in quantitative study and statistics. Once you have finished the course, you have to pass a comprehensive test. Afterwards, you will work on your dissertation research. After submitting your dissertation, you will then discuss its merits and defend your thesis to a group of your peers and professors. In total, it should take you four and a half years to finish the whole doctorate program. Because of the cost of tuition, you could opt for financial aid. You can also defray some of the educational costs by becoming a research assistant or a teacher. Don't worry too much about the costs of a PhD in accounting, though. Because of the scarcity of accountants holding PhDs, you can earn much more than most other accountants.


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