How To Find Special Education Assessment

Special education can be a touchy subject for the parents of the child identified with having special needs. No parent is comfortable in admitting that there may be something different about his or her child, and different people have different ways of coping with this type of reality. The important thing to understand is that people who have special needs should be respected and cared for just like anybody else. In conducting an education assessment on the needs of children and adults who require special education, there are a number of online resources that can guide your efforts. Here's how to get started:

Wright’s Law is one of the more helpful for finding programs that can help assess special education policies. The people at Wright’s Law have done their best to take on all the research work and condense it into one streamlined, helpful website. You will be able to learn a lot from this site, and one of the best features is that you can download free publications from them – you spend more time learning about special education policies and less time searching for rulings, legislation and other related policies. Wright’s Law also includes articles on planning the transition towards special learning, as well as primers on children’s mental health, testing for special education students, retention and coping with the rest of society. The site aims to demystify education assessment for special education students, with the belief that information is the key to eliminating prejudice. Feel free to scroll down the main links page and see a multitude of articles on behavior and discipline, learning, autism, dealing with bullying and harassment and testing, among others.

The Special Education Advisory Council also has its own website, found at This site is geared mainly to education assessment and measuring how special education students in Washington are able to cope with the type of learning establishment that they are in. As previously stated, each person in need of special education more often than not needs that educational program to be tailor-made towards his or her condition, skill levels and strengths.

For a more direct approach towards assessment, visit this site. This site is home to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington, and utilizes the Washing Alternate assessment system. One of the main features of this type of system is the Mock Scoring Information link, which has been updated to the 2009 edition. The state of Washington is admirable in that it officially provides a variety of ways for students to participate in state testing, even if they are part of a special education program. With this in mind, the site is able to provide a large number of assessment tools geared towards those receiving special education. There is also a dedicated Individual Education Program team, who decides on how a student should participate in the said assessment testing. Be sure to take a look at the documents and links that the site provides so that you can be more confident in your research, and eventually make the right decision when it comes to education assessment.


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