Standardized Tests

Standardized tests define lives—or so it seems. An entire industry is devoted to creating resources to help you excel at these assessment tests. Bookstores and libraries stock shelves with hundreds of books on test preparation. The intimidating 1,000+ page books rarely get read, save for the occasional skimming. Next to the books, you’ll find CDs, DVDs, and vocabulary cards. Then there are nifty spiral bound study guides, and brightly colored review packets. Stuffed inside are web addresses advertising networks of certified private tutors. It may even seem that standardized testing is a way to make money, not measure intelligence or ascertain information mastered.

While these can be helpful, at How To Do Things we are not about preying on students’ hopes for success. We are here to help you achieve your educational goals. All the way from the GED to the MCAT, we provide free information to help students on their journeys toward success.

Are you not sure if the SAT penalizes for guessing? We’ve got that covered. Do you need help choosing LSAT study materials? We’ve got that too. Who takes the PSAT, when is it offered, and what does NMSQT mean? How do I go about choosing SAT preparation for my student? It’s been a while since college, and I can’t remember—how do I go about taking the GRE? Is there an essay on the GED? Were they exaggerating when they said if you make a mark outside the bubble, they will throw your test out? What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? Where do I find information on ACT test preparation? Do I need to take the SAT II? What does CLEP do, and how do I take it?

All of these questions and more are covered in our standardized test section. We spare our readers the dizzying five-pound encyclopedia of information, and offer concise articles with the practical information you need. Go ahead: See for yourself!

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