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You may have always dreamed of becoming a photographer, or you may be realizing your potential just now. The best way to further hone your skills is through constant practice - and acquiring formal training through a photography degree. Be encouraged by the fact that there are many photography classes out there that you can choose from based on your available free time, your talent and your preferred styles. One particular state that offers a lot of options for aspiring photographers is New York City in the USA. Whether you want to take recreational courses or get professional training, these schools offer it all. So if you're looking to enroll at a specialized college or at an institute in the Big Apple, here are some of the top photography schools there:

  1. New York Institute of Photography. NYIP is considered to be the largest and oldest photography school in the world. It offers a course in professional photography, which provides training in digital and film-based cameras as well as other fundamental techniques such as lighting and dark room developing; a course in digital photography, focusing on basic and advanced use of Adobe Photoshop; and a short course on the fundamentals of digital photography. Apart from the conventional classroom teaching method, NYIP also offers distance classes, so you could freely take the offsite or online courses and learn the lessons at your own pace and during your own spare time - very convenient especially if you're currently holding a full-time job. Lessons are given through the use of fully illustrated texts and audio and video guides. A professional tutor will give a personalized analysis of your work. Classes at NYIP can go up to about $700 to $900 per course.
  2. School of Visual Arts. The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is an institute dedicated to the arts in various fields, such as advertising, interior design, illustration, and of course, photography. Its photography department is considered to be one of the best in the world; it boasts a very large (over 100 teachers) and diverse faculty, and the most cutting-edge teaching technology. It offers a four-year undergraduate course; a one-year graduate program in digital photography and another one in photography, video and related media; a special eight-month, 30-credit "photo global" certificate program; and seminar workshops for learning photography that are open free of charge to the public during specific dates.

  3. Briarcliff College. Briarcliff College in Bethpage, New York, offers an Associate in Applied Science in Digital Photography. This course offers training in different foundational techniques and principles, along with more experimental and up-to-date technology.

  4. The Art Institutes. The Art Institutes offer a variety of options for degrees, such as commercial photography, digital photography and photography and design. These programs are offered through two-year associate degrees, bachelor degrees, certificates and non-degree programs.

    The Art Institutes is located in several locations all over the United States, such as in New York City, in California, in Arizona, and many other spots. It also offers online education.

There you have it! Now you know how to find the top New York photography schools. These are four of what are considered to be the best in New York. Take your time to do more research on these schools to find the best option for you. Good luck!


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