How To Find Top Ranked International Business Colleges

Business degrees are very good investments in today's tough and trying times. Business executives are some of the most highly-paid laborers in the world according to a study done by the US Dept. of Labor. But a business degree is not enough to get you your dream job. The choice of school also matters. The better the business school is, the higher your chances for promotion will be. With so many business universities vying for your attention, how do you know which one to attend? The choices are so many, but how do you know which one to use? We will help you narrow down your choices. We have looked at the ranking of the best business universities and colleges on some reliable Internet sites. This includes both online colleges and regular university colleges.

The website ranked the top business schools in the country according to GPA and SAT scores. It reveals that the University of Pennsylvania tops the list of best business schools in the United States. This private educational institution is also one of the oldest schools in the country. It has a high teacher-student ratio. Student population is high as compared to other private schools. More than half the student body has a score of 1400-1600 on their SATs. U-Penn is followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Student population at this private university is low. The school also boasts of a high teacher-student ratio. SAT scores are very good, as 60% got scores of 1400-1600. Third place belongs to University of California in Berkeley. This prestigious public university has a large student population but low teacher-student ratio. Tuition fees differ depending if a student is in-state or out-of-state. When it comes to SATs, 40% of its students garnered scores of 1200-1299.

The results are in for the top 20 business schools that gained the most jobs for their students. The University of Virginia is considered the best school in this category. It is soon followed by Notre Dame University and the University of Pennsylvania. Then, University of Michigan, Brigham Young University, University of California-Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Emory University, University of Texas at Austin, Villanova University, Richmond, UNC at Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, New York University, Washington University, Boston College. Finishing the list are Miami University, Carnegie Mellon and Indiana University.

Other notable universities considered for ranking are the University of Arizona, UC Davis, American University, Boston College, University at Buffalo, University of Miami, Florida International University, University of Florida, University of Georgia (Terry) and Howard University.

Here is a list of recommended non-U.S. MBA Programs. These are Queen's University, ESADE, INSEAD, IE Business School, Western Ontario University, London Business School, Toronto University, Oxford University, and IESE University.

If you have no time for school, don't worry. Business classes can also be done online. If you are not sure where to enroll, you can choose from the following. There's Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, and DeVry University, which are very good choices for starters. They are highly-accredited and considered the best business schools for distance learning.


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