How To Find Top-Ranked Schools for a Business Program

In the wake of the global economic recession, business education proved to be a vital and pressing need for people who are willing to enter the market, given the many uncertainties the global economy possesses.  That is why schools and universities are hyping up their business management programs in order for people to better understand the dealings of companies and the economy.

  • Search through Google or Yahoo. To know how to find the best schools with top-ranking business programs out there, your search should begin in search engines such as Google or Yahoo. However, be careful with the results you might get, because they may declare that they are part of the "top ranking" schools, but in reality, they are not. When getting information about top business schools in the world, only get your source from reputable and credible international business publications.
  • Visit or read Businessweek. Businessweek, an international publication catering to businessmen and entrepreneurs, annually comes out with the rankings for the best business schools in the world. They base their rankings on the quality of programs the school offers, the competency of professors, the type of research and the valuable insight their students add to the current body of knowledge, and the jobs their students land after graduation. In the year 2009, the school that received the top honors was University of Virginia (McIntire).
  • Read the local paper. If the business program of a business university were good enough, then it would often merit several mentions in the newspaper. Most people find out about good schools this way, "Oh, I've read it in the paper." Media attention is a good way to know if a school is good enough in comparison to other schools, because journalists only get information from credible sources or experts.
  • Consult business majors you know. There's no better way to know about the ins and outs of the business world than to talk to an insider. If you have friends who have gone to business schools, chances are they know about what schools out there are good enough for you to take a chance on. This way, you can also get testimonials from your friends in order for you to make a better decision.
  • Ask your guidance/college counselor. Your guidance or college counselor is probably the one who finalizes and files your application for the various colleges and universities that match your SAT scores. Your college counselor, therefore, would know a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in a particular school.

Rankings may be a good indicator of how well a college manages its business program, but it's not the entirety of a school's identity.  You should research more about the history of the university, its distinguished alumni, and its significant contributions to society. That is a more reliable and substantial gauge of how good a university is, outside of rankings.


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