How To Get a Criminology Degree

Criminology colleges offer degrees suited for future careers in the police, forensics and law enforcement fields. Criminology education is devoted to the study and research of the conditions involved in crimes.

A criminology program is composed of an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice. Criminology is a mixture of forensic observations, law enforcement and justice administration. Criminologists research criminal laws and analyze criminal behavior, and conduct necessary investigations and research related to a crime. If you are interested in becoming a cop or a forensics expert, this career is for you.

Here are the requirements for a degree in criminology, which can be finished within 2 years. Criminology students are required to complete courses in 6 major subjects. The students can choose 3 of these subjects. These are The American Criminal Justice System, Criminal Law, The Criminal Courts, American Policing, and Corrections. They also have to take elective subjects such as these courses: Student Transition Course and The American Criminal Justice System. English classes might include Elementary Composition or Professional Writing Skills. Speech classes are such as Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Business and Professional Communication, or Discussion and Group Methods are also recommended or required.

Mathematics courses might include Finite Mathematics and a Brief Survey of Calculus I. You also have take at least one of these statistics subjects, Introduction to Statistical Theory in Economics and Business, Statistical Techniques,  and Elementary Statistical Methods I. Computer courses include Introduction to Computers and Their Use, BASIC Programming and The Computer in Business. The history courses are such as American History. Finally, you will be expected to fulfill elective requirements such as any of the following: Afro-American Studies, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, English, Fine Art, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Speech and Theater.

Criminology classes cover the wide expanse of everything that concerns crime and punishment. Major classes include Crime, Criminology and Justice. You also have to take classes such as Criminal Law, Psychology of Crime, and Research Methods in Criminal Justice, Alcohol, Drugs and Crime, Administration of Justice, Direct Policing, Professionals in Criminal Justice, and Crime and Violence in America. Criminology students basically study how criminals behave and how criminal instinct is triggered. They will also learn about the whole system of criminal justice including trials and court rulings.

A criminology student learns to develop critical thinking, probing skills, scientific observation, interpersonal skills and deep observation. If you need to pursue your studies, a master's degree in criminology can be acquired to expand your knowledge of the system; you can even take courses for this advanced degree online. It can also be good leverage for better possibilities in both job and personal achievement.


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