What Is Art Institute Online?

The Art Institute Online (AiO) or The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division is the online division or branch of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The latter nomenclature was used in the later part of 2007. This is a part of over forty art institutes in Pittsburgh. It offers a wide variety of courses online, which particularly cater to working and busy individuals who still want to gain art education and training. It offers both degree and non-degree programs. This division also caters to traditional students who take online classes or simply to those who want to experience online education. The AiO is regionally accredited.

The Socratic method of education is followed in online classes, so active participation and classroom discussion are key parts of the online learning process. Since this online division is technology driven, students are required to be computer proficient. Almost all of the learning experience will be directed online.

The Art Institute Online offers distinct and varied benefits: 

  1. Flexibility. The student can still maintain his or her current lifestyle even when enrolled at the art institute. He can choose his schedule and choose the subjects to focus on while following the coursework. The student can advance his career without sacrificing his present business.
  2. Benefits of ground locations. Online students still get the same traditional benefits that on-campus students get. Although online, students in this division still receive an interactive learning environment, tutoring, career services, academic advising, and career-focused support services and financial support.
  3. Instant instructor connection. Instructors with the Online Division expend a lot of effort to be readily available to online students for any academic assistance. The Internet could provide a seamless classroom where a student can always consult his teacher. If the teacher is not available, the student can leave a message.
  4. Worldwide classroom. Whenever a student opens his computer, he also opens his classroom. He does not have to be physically present in a traditional classroom. He can learn anywhere and whenever. If there is coursework that needs to be immediately viewed and done, an online student would have no hassle doing so.
  5. Accelerated learning. An online student can feel success every five and a half weeks. Online programs are designed for the individual student's needs. So learning is accelerated and more focused, which allows the student to immerse in the needed course. The student does not need to repeat a taken program, nor do unnecessary subjects.

Upon graduation, the online student gets the same privileges as on-campus students. He gets the same certification, prestige, and benefits. The student also has an individualized portfolio to show his works to prospective employers. The showcase is the time to demonstrate the technical and practical skills developed through the online program. The student would also be invited to march in the graduation ceremonies just like any other graduate. He can even get an award for excellence in the portfolio show. The Art Institute Online and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh do not distinguish between traditional students and online students. AiO still remains the leader among art online schools.


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