How To Find Online College Programs

The twenty-first century ushered forward many developments in technology, influencing possibly every aspect of our lives. It has streamlined work operations and made communication across vast distances possible and reliable.  These days, you can even get a college degree online.  With careful searching and intuitive decision-making, you can land at a very reputable college institution and learn the same things you would learn when attending a real-life college itself.  So if you're in for the long haul of studying with only your computer and the Internet, follow these steps that will lead you to finding online college programs.

  • Start at the search engines. When looking for resources online, your first stop should always be the search engines. Places like Yahoo! or Google are treasure troves of information about online education, online degrees and online universities; you just have to know what you're looking for in order for these search engines to point you in the right direction.
  • Look through your home college's website. Most colleges and universities now offer online college classes that help their students who are otherwise unable to pursue actual education in their institutions. If you've already graduated from a college and are looking for online masters programs, maybe your home college or the university in your hometown has some available offerings, so make sure you check through their website.
  • Visit is one of the more popular resource websites on the Web that collates all the top universities and colleges with online college programs accredited by their respective states. You can browse through all the colleges offering online programs and see which colleges suit your liking based on the programs they offer.
  • Browse the Yahoo! Directory. Yahoo!'s directory may be a very old technology, but it is still helpful especially if you're searching through a very particular topic. Go to Yahoo's directory and you're sure to find websites of colleges and universities offering distance learning programs for everybody.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics. This United States authority on statistics concerning education in the country contains a unique module called the College Navigator, which can help you find relevant college courses online. They also have a special module called College Opportunities OnLine (or COOL) where you can browse through the different programs available for enrollment online.

In looking for college programs online, make sure to research the background of the institution before deciding to enroll.  You may want to look for user feedback among those who have been students at these universities before, to find out if their teaching methods are at par with universities and if their professors are more than willing to help you in every way they can.  Likewise, if the institution has a contact number or an e-mail address, try and contact these gateways first to check if their services are limited.  You'll be shelling out money for these college degrees, so you might as well make sure that the school you're applying to is decent and reputable.


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