How To Find Used College Textbooks

To cut hundreds of dollars on college expenses, knowing where to find used textbooks greatly helps. You cannot expect college textbooks, especially law and medical textbooks, to have cheap price tags. If you are a college student, you are aware without doubt that it will relieve your parents from wearily stretching their budget. If you are supporting yourself through school, you must know how difficult managing finances is when you are paying your own tuition and still need to think of other expenses such as laboratory fees, a laptop, medical and program fees, not to mention your basic necessities like food and housing. To save a lot, you need to be resourceful in finding second-hand textbooks.

  1. Around the campus. Normally, used college textbooks sold at reasonably low prices are advertised on student bulletin boards, in college newspaper and fliers.
  2. College bookstore. Local campus bookstores usually sell both new and second-hand textbooks.
  3. Friends and acquaintances. It does not hurt to try asking people around you if they know anyone or any shop you can purchase textbooks from. Chances are some of them have the books you need, especially if your friends took up the same course you are studying.
  4. Various bookstores. Book bargains are prevalent in bookstores nowadays. Although going to each bookstore and digging through the stack of used books may be tedious, it pays to be patient when you find what you need.
  5. Ebay. You will be surprised to find that this auction site may have the textbooks you are looking for. Check the site often once you have placed your bid, because you may not be the only one yearning to get the targeted textbooks.  While you may get your used books for a reduced price, shipping costs are rather expensive. 
  6. Other online bookshops. Apart from the convenience, shopping online gives you the freedom to compare prices, as there are numerous online bookstores that sell both new and used textbooks. Most books are normally half the price and some merchants do not charge shipping.
  7. Free classified advertisements. This venue will allow a bookshop or the individual who has your specific textbook to contact you or vice-versa. A number of classified ad listings are available on the net for free. Post your requirement and wait for feedback.

Your primary reason for buying used textbooks is to save. Hence, you have to be sure that what you get are the same editions needed in your class. You cannot afford to buy the wrong books! Textbooks change from one term to another, and your instructor may have specific textbook requirements. Be sure to read descriptions to avoid unnecessary predicament. When you buy online, do not forget to ask about the physical condition of the books. It is reasonable to ask for pictures at least. Even if you buy books for half their original price, it is still a waste of money if the books are already dilapidated.


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