How To Know if Community College is the Best Choice

If you're just about done in high school, consider community college. Here's help on how to decide if community college is best for you.

Step 1

You'll pay less for your education. University can be expensive. Community college programs are much more reasonably priced, leaving you with less debt (if any) when you finish school. Often you'll pay only a fraction of the price to attend a community college as you would to attend a university. With fewer facilities to maintain, community colleges are able to charge less for tuition than universities. If money is tight and you don't feel like racking up your debt, community college might be the best choice for you.

Step 2

You can use the credits toward your university degree. Another reason to consider taking classes at a community college is that many of the general courses offered there can be applied toward a degree at a university. Why would you pay full price for a course at university when you could have taken it at a community college for hundreds less? Maybe the best choice for you is the go to community college first and complete all of your general classes there. Then if you move on to university, you will not have overpaid for your classes. You can get the same education and credits at a university college for much less.

Step 3

You can get more hands on experience at a community college. Community colleges are also a great choice for those who prefer learning with their hands and not just books. Community colleges often have vocational programs that aren't offered at universities. If you know you aren't university material, community college might be the right choice for you because you'll be able to get experience in the field you want to go into. Many very successful tradesmen all got their start at a community college. A huge benefit of community colleges is that they offer educational opportunities to those seeking to work in the trades, keeping kids in school longer and improving knowledge amongst those who never thought a post-secondary education was in their future.

Step 4

Acceptance is easier to get at a community college. Unlike private schools or universities, the requirements for acceptance at a community college are much less stringent. People with average GPAs can still get into college after high school. Community colleges offer acceptance to those who otherwise wouldn't have attended school beyond high school. So before you head straight to the workforce after high school, consider community college. Chances are, you'll get accepted. And if you enjoy your program and increase your chances of getting a good job after college, then you can be sure that community college was the right choice for you.


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