How To Buy a Playstation 2

  1. New or Used? Now that you've decided to join the millions of Playstation fans around the world, you must first decide: Should I buy a new or used Playstation 2 gaming console?

    While there are many advantages to a new Playstation 2, you may find that most used Playstation consoles are sold bundled with used games and accessories; accessories you may have to purchase separately IF you chose to buy new. In fact, people who sell their Playstations are often trying to liquidate their entire Playstation game collection in addition to the console. Therefore, for a marginal cost, you might be able to pick up a Playstation console and a plethora of games that would have cost you twice the amount if you bought them retail.

  2. Online. Your best bet for an affordable Playstation 2, new or used, is online. Buying a Playstation gaming console online from either an online store, or an online auction facility such as eBay or Yahoo! Auctions usually provides the buyer with the best pricing options. Shop around with online shopping comparison sites such as or to find the best price for your Playstation 2 of your choice: new or used. Alternatively, you could scour to find a Playstation 2 in your neighborhood.
  3. Retail. Buying from consumer electronics retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City or Fry's is another option. Buying your Playstation 2 retail has many benefits; not only will you be able to physically see and test a Playstation 2 before you buy, most retailers offer warranty programs that cover your product from defects, even if they are your fault. If you cannot bear waiting for your Playstation 2 to ship, and you must have it now, buying retail is definitely they way to go.


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