How To Buy Playstation 2 Games

What type of games do I like to play?

The Playstation 2 gaming console's widespread popularity stems from its wide selection of games. In fact, no other gaming console, be it a PC or an Xbox, comes close to a Playstation's offering of games. From sports to first-person-shooters to role-playing games, you'll find games that are bound to provide you countless hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

  1. Rent

  • Have friends recommended games to you, insisting that you have to play them? Or have you been intrigued by a game but put off by the price tag? Rent a game and give it a whirl! Online companies like and operate off the same concept as, offering its customers a fixed amount of game rentals for a monthly subscription fee, without late fees. Like the game? Keep it. These online rental companies allow their members the option to purchase the game they rented for a discounted fee. Simply purchase the game online, and in a few days, you'll receive the original case and artwork in the mail.
  • Used
    • Looking to own your games? Consider used games. They are much cheaper than buying at retail prices. Game retailers such as EB Games or Game Stop encourage their customers to trade in their used games, giving them store credit they can use toward more games in return. Don't want to pay retail prices? Consider online stores. Online auction websites such as eBay or Yahoo! Auctions stipulate that all used games must be in perfect working condition, and also offer their buyers a protection program that gives you a refund if the game isn't working upon arrival.
  • New
    • If you've been waiting months for a game to be released, or you'd rather buy a game new and undamaged, consider retail stores.  Many retail stores carry the latest Playstation games; stores such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy aggressively promote new game arrivals with special promotions and deals that offer the gamer a great selection of games for a great price. Yes you may be paying a lot for a game, but at least you'll be playing it before anyone else.


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