How To Buy Gameboy Micro

Game boy advanced systems are a newer generation of Nintendo's constantly growing line of hand helds. After the original gameboy was released, and many specific spin offs made it smaller and more portable, Nintendo finally released its Advanced line. The technology in the gameboy advanced is roughly similar to that of the Nintendo 64. Many games from the system that introduced 3D to the Nintendo line are available on the gameboy advanced, as well as a line of original products produced specifically for the gameboy.

The gameboy advance comes in three key designs. The original system, the SP model, and the new gameboy micro. However, for all intents and purposes this article is only about purchasing the most recent line, being the gameboy micro. The gameboy advance comes in a wide variety of models and colors, and how you purchase one depends on which color scheme or design you are seeking.

  • The original gameboy model is a rectangle, with a screen that is not supported by LED backlighting. This means the gameboy screen cannot be seen in the dark. This model, while slightly inferior, can be found much cheaper than the newer version.
  • The gameboy SP comes in a slightly smaller, more compact foldable square, similar to a cell-phone, and features a sleeker design. The SP features backlighting, so that it can be played in the dark, without extra features.
  • The micro however is the most recent addition to the lineup of gameboys. This model is much smaller than the first two, looks similar to the original model, but with all the added benefits that were introduced to the gameboy SP line. The micro also includes two USB ports.

Purchasing your Gameboy:

  1. The first step in purchasing your gameboy is determining the model you wish to own. Assuming you have already decided to purchase a micro, you are faced with the choice of three colors. Silver, black and bronze. These are the only colors that the gameboy micro comes in at this time.

  • There are two key methods to purchasing your new gameboy micro. You may pick it up from any electronic retailer, or stores such as Walmart, or Toys 'R US that feature kids games and toys. This guarantees that you will receive a quality working unit of your choice, but you will pay the full price.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase your gameboy by visiting an auction site like Ebay or a local gaming shop such and EB Games, which stocks used systems. This model will be obtained for a cheaper cost, so if cost is a matter of importance, buying the used model is the best course of action. However, be warned that you run the risk of buying a poor system. Especially at this early stage in the micro's life, you should question why a system is being sold used. Be sure to check to make sure the system is in proper working order, so that you face no surprises.
  • Sometimes the best way to save money on a system, is to look for package deals. Often times retailers will include games with the system for a discounted rate. If you are looking for a specific style of gameboy, you will have to check availability in your local retailer, or alternatively by purchasing a rare system at an online auction site. Currently the micro only has three versions (the bronze 20th anniversary costs 10 dollars more than the other two system designs).

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