How To Buy the Nintendo DS

Game boy advanced systems are the newest generation of Nintendo's constantly growing line of handhelds. After the original gameboy was released, and many specific spin offs making it smaller and more portable, Nintendo finally released it Advanced line. The technology in the gameboy advanced is roughly similar to that of the Nintendo 64. Many games from the system that introduced 3D to the Nintendo line are available on the gameboy advanced, as well as a line of original products produced specifically for the gameboy. The Nintendo DS uses similar technology, but with a different spin that makes it a very popular choice.


The Nintendo DS features dual screens. As well as using the normal Nintendo button configuration, the DS uses touch features, similar to that of handhelds like palm pilot. The DS line has also introduced wireless functionality, offering four online games that can be played anywhere across the world wherever you have access to dial up. The Nintendo DS actually comes in two models, the original, and a new DS lite version that will be released to the US in the following months. This new model is smaller, and features slightly more smart button configurations.

  1. The first step in purchasing your gameboy is determining the model you wish to own. As mentioned above, the gameboy comes in two key models. The new DS lite version will be more expensive, but with better battery life, and a much smaller package. The DS lite is very hard to obtain at this point in time and will be expensive, but over time, and once released in the US, the system should become more obtainable.

  2. You can purchase your DS by two different routes. The first is looking for a used system, or a specific model online. These can be found on online auction sites such as eBay, or by using a retailer that sells used game systems. In this course of action, make sure you are receiving a quality working system for the price you end up paying.

  3. The other option is to buy it new at any retailer. You may pick it up from any electronic retailer, or stores such as Walmart, or Toys 'R US that feature kids games and toys. Alternatively, you may choose to buy the system from an online site, and have it shipped to your home.

  4. Sometimes the best way to save money on a system, is to look for package deals. Often times retailers will include games with the system for a discounted rate. If you are looking for a specific style of gameboy, you will have to check availability in your local retailer, or alternatively by purchasing a rare system at an online auction site.


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