How To Buy the Nintendo Revolution

Revolution is the exciting new console from Nintendo. Although Revolution is still a code name, more information is expected to be released about the console at this years Electronic Expo. The Revolution is expected to launch at an extremely reasonable price point compared to Microsoft's and Sony's next gen consoles.

What is unique about the Revolution console, is that instead of promising top of the line graphics, it will be offering one of the most interesting console experiences, and radical, if not revolutionary ideas ever. The uniqueness of the console is in its amazing controller. This controller uses revolutionary techniques to track movement in all directions, correlating it to the experience you receive on your own screen.

The revolution launch price point has been predicted to be roughly along the lines of $299. Due to the sheer popularity and overall well rounded reviews the console has received to this point, it is almost certain to be a hot seller for the coming Christmas holidays. In order to secure yourself a revolution controller, you'll want to act early and act quickly.

  1. If last season's Xbox sales were any indication, expect Revolution to sell hard and sell fast. This means the best way to get your own Revolution, is to pre-order as soon as it is available. Sites like Electronic Boutique offer pre-orders on many of their products.
  2. The Revolution may actually be launching with up to five different console colors. It is important that when you consider buying the revolution console, you are well aware of what color you are after, and what color you may be receiving. As designers have done a lot to make consoles look more natural and fitting, expect Revolution to borrow a few design decisions from Apple Computers. It will be sleek, and something worth displaying, so make sure your color option meshes well with the room choice.
  3. Because of the expected popularity of the console, pre-ordering may not be enough. If you want to get your hands on the console early, the best way to make sure you receive your pre-order, is to wait in line. Lines will be long, and may be over a long period of time, but in the run of things, waiting a few hours before the release may be your best course of action, and best decision to assuring your kids receive one under the tree.
  4. If all else fails, and you were a little bit slow to the punch, there is one more option in securing a revolution console. Online auction sites will definitely have consoles available to be purchased after the launch. However, it is all a question of how much money you are willing to spend, and supply versus demand. If Nintendo produces enough units, they may be able to handle the Christmas rush. If their supply lacks the demand, which is very likely, you will see prices skyrocket in the secondary market.

The revolution will be a great console, with a lot of revolutionary elements. However, in order to secure one initially, the price you pay may be high. Whether that entails waiting in long lines, or paying the high price in the secondary market, consoles will be obtainable. The best thing to do is plan ahead, pre-order, and hopefully secure yourself a console.


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