How To Buy a Sony PSP

The Sony Playstation Portable or Sony PSP has quickly become one of the most popular handheld gaming consoles. The Sony PSP is a very versatile gaming console. Unlike the other handheld gaming consoles currently on the market, the Sony PSP allows you to do so much more with it besides playing games. You can watch movies or videos, listen to music, store and view pictures, and even browse the internet! It's not very hard to see why so many people have already bought this gaming console.

When deciding to buy a Sony PSP, there are several things to consider.

1. Buy Retail or Buy Online?

    • When you buy retail from places like Best Buy or Circuit City, you usually have the option to get added benefits like an extended warranty or a service plan, which you could not get if you bought online. Another major benefit to buying retail is that you will, in most cases, have the opportunity to see and even try out the console before you buy it. That in itself can be very influential when you are deciding whether or not to actually buy it.
    • It is true that buying online can be risky depending on where you buy from. However, there are benefits to buying online too. The obvious benefit is being able to shop from the comfort of your home. Another benefit is having the ability to quickly browse several online stores or online auction sites (ie. ebay, Yahoo! Auctions, etc). You could even use an online shopping comparison site such as or to make your online shopping experience even easier.


2. Buy New or Buy Used?

    • Obviously, buying new means you will be spending more money than you would if you bought it used, but the added incentive to buying new is that you know that the console has never been used before. On the other hand, buying a used Sony PSP would save you money but the disadvantage to buying used is that you don't really know how much the console has been used or what kind of wear and tear it already has. However, if you know and trust the seller, this may be a good option.
3. Want It Now Or Later?

    • The last point to consider is pretty simple. How quickly do you want to get the Sony PSP? If you want it right away, then buying retail is the way to go. If you are patient or don't mind waiting, then buying online would be a good option for you.


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