How To Buy iPod Accessories

You have an iPod and you are not sure what accessories to buy to go with it. With every iPod model there are many options for you to consider. Here are some of the accessories available to you:

Listen to it:

  1. In Ear Lanyard Headphones - These are ear buds with a strap that you wear around your neck, which your iPod hangs off of. It's sleek because the strap that hangs around your neck is also the audio cable.
  2. Apple Remote - With this remote you can control your iPod from a distance. This will come in handy if you decide to hook your iPod to your home stereo equipment.
  3. iPod Hi-Fi - This is a compact sound system that you can dock your iPod right onto the top of.
  4. Cassette Adapter - With this you are able play your iPod with your car cassette player.
  5. iPod AV Connection Kit - This kit has all the cables you need to connect your iPod to your home stereo system.
  6. iTrip FM Transmitter - This connects directly to your iPod. You are now able to listen to your iPod on any FM stereo.

Protect it:

  1. Leather Case - Apple makes a leather case that is made out of hand-crafted Italian leather. This is a sophisticated way to keep your iPod looking safe.
  2. Armband - These are made by Apple, and also other companies. They are a great way to have your iPod with you on a run. The band wraps around your upper arm, and you still have access to the click wheel. This is a fantastic hands-free option. You are also able to choose from many different colors.
  3. Tubes - These come in many colors and are essential for keeping your iPod scratch free. They give your iPod a great look and keep it protected while still giving you access to the click wheel.
  4. Screen Protectors - These protect your screen from being scratched. You can buy pre-sized thin protectors in different colors.

Charge it:

  1. Dock - This makes it easy to charge your iPod and sync it with your computer.
  2. USB Power Adapter - When you don't have access to your computer to charge up your iPod, you can plug this adapter into any outlet.
  3. Car Charger - Use this to charge your iPod using your car power socket/lighter.

These just a few of the accessories available to choose from. There are more that come on the market all the time. You can buy accessories at the Apple store , but don't forget that there are many high quality accessories made by other companies.


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