How To Buy a Mod Chip for Your Xbox

Mod chips are a fantastic device that convert your console platforms with extra upgrades and features. By adding a mod chip, and a hard drive, you are able to store games on your Xbox system, or burn game files directly onto CDs from the internet, to use on your Xbox system.

Modchips go to work during the boot sequence of your Xbox system. When a game initially loads, it checks the boot information on a CD. The purpose of a mod chip is to trick the system by injecting the correct information, so that a game will load directly from a burnt CD.

When you decide to purchase your mod chip, you are in for a process that usually includes shipping away your system to an installer. Buyer beware, mod chips are not supported by Microsoft, and to install one and use it will go against any warranty you may have currently set up. As well, be careful when you purchase a mod chip from an external company to make sure they are a trustworthy company. The best way to do this is to talk to other people that have modded their own Xbox's. Protect yourself from scams, because there can be nothing worse than losing your Xbox completely.

  1. When purchasing a mod chip, there are a couple core elements to decide upon, but the most important depend on how tech savvy you are. If you do no know how to install a mod chip yourself, you may very well be interested in having a professional install it for you.
  2. There are two key places where you can get a mod chip installed. The first, and potentially easiest to purchase will be online. Many online sites offer mod chips, as well as installation if you ship your Xbox out to them. But beware, scams on the internet are plentiful. Make sure you use a trusted site, or perhaps talk to individuals or friends that have used certain sites in the past to check for reliability
  3. The other available and sometimes safer option would be to head out to a local gameshop to purchase and install one for you. However, don't expect to head down to your local Walmart and pick one up. While mod chips themselves are not illegal, pirating material is generally frowned upon, so you'll need to look for a smaller gameshop that would be more willing to install a mod chip, and wouldn't be associated with a big name brand. Search your areas for small game stores, and shop around. When you find a retailer, it is also likely that they may provide an installation service for you.
  4. Once you have a modchip, you are ready to play. By simply burning CD-R discs of other copies of games or of open source/imported games, you will now be able to play them all without hassel. The best tip to remember however, is be smart about your purchase, because a smart buyer, is a safe buyer.


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