How To Buy Xbox Games

Now that the Xbox 360 has been released, and production of Xbox games is nearing its final ascent, you have one of the best opportunities to buy Xbox games for a very cheap price. Retailers still sell most new copies of games, but at a highly reduced price. Look for games that Microsoft has added to their classic collection. These are their best games, but at an affordable price. (Usually under 20 dollars). New games are still being released for the Xbox system, but expect production to come to a halt in about a year or two, when the majority of people have switched to the new Xbox 360.

After that switch takes place, Xbox games will no longer be stocked at retail stores, and soon certain popular games will become a collector's item more than anything. Prices drop over time, and then suddenly, when they all but bottom out, you will find prices will increase the other direction, as those games become harder and harder to find.

  1. When purchasing your Xbox games, what you want to consider is whether or not you are fine with having a used copy that someone else has played through, or if you would like it completely new, with the factory fresh smell.

    Really, especially for games, there is no real advantage to buying a product new over used. Used products are cheaper, and it is very hard to damage games, so you will have no issues with a used copy not working. However, you may be like me, and have a little OCD streak. Sometimes you like to display all your Xbox games with the original packaging and booklets in mint condition. Sometimes, the difference is only a couple of bucks at retailers like EB Games, so it can be worth it for you in the long run if you prefer having something new.

  2. As games become much harder to find in stores, you should be able to find these games for sale online. Look no further than online retailers, or an auction site like eBay. Some of the best deals around are obtained when you buy a game directly from another individual. These individuals are usually just looking to get rid of old games they no longer play, at cheap prices. If you are a price fiend, go directly for the throat at eBay, but be careful, make sure you are buying from a trusted seller.
  3. There are benefits to buying online over a retailer. If you live far away from a city, it can be a little easier to just pop online, and order your favorite games. Or maybe you can't drag yourself away from your Xbox long enough to bother heading out to stores. Most retailers have online versions of their stores, and these are, for the most part, just as trustworthy as the real thing. All you will need to do is have your credit card handy.
  4. As mentioned before, Microsoft is constantly re-releasing games as part of their Classics collection. When Microsoft makes this move, you will find that you can obtain titles for an extremely cheap rate. Check around the internet, and see which titles have been released already, or which will be shortly. Sometimes waiting a little while to get a good deal isn't such a bad thing.
  5. Finally, because the Xbox is so far into its lifecycle, package deals can be found nearly anywhere you look. Look for games that come in a cheap package, like the best multiplayer games. Often retailers may package a game with something else handy, like a controller. If you are going to be buying a lot of different items for your Xbox, look for great deals to see what you can come across.

Happy hunting in your search for Xbox games. Remember, patience is key, and a smart shopper will save a lot more money in the long run!


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