How To Buy an Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the newest generation of console produced my Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is currently the only next generation console that is released, with Sony and Nintendo to follow suite later this year around Thanksgiving.

The Xbox 360 is named for its three, count 'em, three core CPU processor, each running at 3.2 Ghz. Throw in the 500 MHz ATI graphics card, 512 MB or RAM, and built in wireless connectivity, and you have one very powerful system, for a fraction of the price of most equivalent PC systems. Of course, the Xbox 360 is still an expensive purchase, but fortunately, now that it has been about 6 months after launch, the system can be purchased through most retailers without the ridiculous overpricing we had earlier this year on eBay.

  1. The most important decision you will make when you purchase an Xbox 360 is which system fits you. Currently Microsoft sells the Xbox 360 package, or the Xbox 360 core system. The differences are interesting, and the Xbox 360 package sells at about a $100 price tag over the core system.

    The differences include a chrome finish on the Xbox itself, a hardrive, a wireless controller (the core system comes with a wired one), Xbox headset, Ethernet cable, and an HD AV cable (the core system only comes with a basic AV cable). In fact, the Xbox 360 complete package is a great deal, but only if you will use the items that come with it. The biggest difference is the hard drive. If you plan to play original Xbox games online, save content, play on Xbox live, or voice chat with friends, you will want to purchase the Xbox 360 complete package, as the hard drive is required for these functions.

  2. Having the biggest and most important decision out of the way, you have a plethora of options and decisions to make about how and where you purchase your system. Keep in mind that the system is still new, so deals, and especially used systems are going to be tough to come by!

    First, you can buy your system at a retailer. You should have the option of getting either package from most retailers now a days. Although, you may find limited stock sometimes, and have to wait a little while to get your hands on one.

  3. Your second option is an online purchase. You should have no problem locating a system in a matter of minutes online, and can scan quickly through most major retailer's websites. If you are buying a system online, use a trusted retailer first and foremost.
  4. Your other available online option is going to be a used system, or some external deal. For this you will have to resort by buying your system directly from someone online at a site like eBay. Deals right now are still probably few and far between, although you hopefully won't end up paying more for a system through eBay, like you would have last Christmas. Now that stores are stocked up, there is no longer the rush and competition for the system.

Purchasing an Xbox 360 is fun and easy. Just make sure you don't get ripped off in the process by someone selling you an overpriced system. You should be able to pick up the whole package for around $500 and no more, so if someone tries to sell you anything over that, you'll know you are getting a bad deal. Good luck, and enjoy your new system!


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