How To Buy a Tivo-Based DVR

Welcome to the world of TiVo, where you can pause, replay, or even fast forward live TV. TiVo is basically a hardrive which records whatever television show you are watching as it airs (also known as a DVR-Digital Video Recorder). So if you have tuned into a program and miss a scene, you can jump right back to the beginning. A TiVo DVR will continue to record that program until it ends, so you can watch the same program, even though it is not in sync with real time.

There are other amazing benefits of a TiVo-based DVR as well, such as its ability to record any television show. Because a TiVo DVR has a built in, updated TV guide, you simply need to search for a show, and you can tell it to record the entire season, new episodes only, for the rest of the year. That way, whenever you turn on your TV, you can pull up a list of TV programs that you have recorded, and watch from your Tivo DVR them completely at your leisure.

With the ease of TiVo DVR, you can even fast forward through commercials as long as you are not watching a program in real time. The TiVo-based DVR system has gone a long way from VHS recordings, and really has revolutionized the way most people enjoy their TV-watching experience. But, if you are looking to buy a TiVo DVR, there are some things you should know and consider for your purchase.

  1. The TiVo DVR system itself comes in a few key types. You'll want to consider the size of the box you will be using. The size of the hard drive basically converts to how many hours of television you can record. If you are a light TV watcher that likes to record the occasional program, you'll sneak by safely with getting a box that can record 20-40 hours. But if you are the type that likes to record many shows and entire seasons, you'll need to opt for a TiVo DVR box that can store more hours. Of course, the more it stores, the higher the price tag.
  2. There are also two key functionality types you will run into when purchasing a TiVo DVR box. One specific DVR allows you to put in blank DVD-R's, and record your shows to them for future use. Much like recording television onto VHS, DVD's will allow you to store shows for as long as you want, and by popping it into your TiVo DVR box or DVD player, you will be able to watch them anytime. If you want this option, you will need to buy a TiVo DVR that burns DVD's.
  3. Which TiVo package is right for you all depends on how you will be using your TiVo DVR player. If you are a light TV watcher, opt for the basic TV package. If you watch TV excessively, go for the premium package which includes the DVD burner/player, and will allow for unlimited storage.
  4. Extra costs are the final thing to consider. Since a TiVo DVR features a TV program guide updated by the TiVo company, there is a monthly fee beyond just owning the system. The best deals depends on how long you are willing to commit, or how long you are willing to pay ahead. If you plan on using your TiVo player for a long time to come, you can sign a contract for up to 3 years to greatly reduce your cost. If you only wish to commit for a year though, expect to drop 20 dollars a month to keep your unit running. This is where the real costs tend to pile up.
  5. With TiVo, be on the constant lookout for package deals, Since TiVo makes most of its money through the monthly subscription services, you can watch for package deals that will include the DVR for free if you are willing to commit. Once you get a TiVo DVR, it is hard to go back, so it is definitely worth signing up for a long time, and saving some money. Your TiVo DVR unit can be purchased online through the TiVo website.


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