How To Buy a Portable DVD Player

Portable DVD players are a great tool for people on the go. Whether the kids need something to do on a long trip, you are stuck on a five hour flight, or you decide to take a camping trip, there are many times when you wish you could just throw on a good movie and relax. Forunately, with the invention of portable DVD players, now you can.

Basically, a portable DVD player is exactly what it sounds like. A DVD player, and a built in screen that can be taken anywhere on the go. They include a battery, or component hook up cables so you can watch a movie where power is not available, or plug it into your car when you travel. And due to their popularity, and having been available for a few years, portable DVD players are now relatively easy to buy and inexpensive.

When buying a portable DVD player, you need to consider the following important features:

  1. Consider the screen size of a DVD player you select. The larger the screen, the better off you will be and the less you will strain your eyes. Also, the quality of the image and brightness are important. Otherwise, you may experience glare that makes it nearly impossible to see the action on the screen. These are important features, because you won't always have the luxury of a dimly lit room to make a bad screen better.
  2. The weight of the DVD player is also a good thing to consider. Since it is made to be portable, you shouldn't be dragging around a player that weighs a ton or you may not feel inclined to bring it along after all. Make sure your portable DVD player is lightweight!
  3. You'll also want to consider the functionality. You'll want to know if your portable DVD player supports DVD-R formats, which are DVDs burned on your computer. Make sure your portable DVD player will support this feature if it's important to you.

    Also, you will want to know what components and outputs your DVD player supports, so that if you decide to hook it up to a TV, the quality will be supported. And look to see if it supports a set of headphones, as these will definitely come in handy if you decide to fly, or sit in a public place with your portable DVD player.

  4. The last, but probably most important feature is a battery and battery life. Nothing can be worse than having a faulty battery that gets you three quarters of the way through a movie. Make sure you snag a battery that will last you at the very least 3 hours, so that any video you throw in will be seen from beginning to end. And look to see if your DVD player has a cord for your car battery, if you intend to use the player in your vehicle.

Now that you know the DVD player that is right for you, the purchase itself is simple. Go for gold by shopping around both online and at retailers. You may even luck out and find a great package deal or a used/refurbished unit for a cheap price. Once you begin using your portable DVD player, you will never imagine your life again without one!


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