How To Buy the Nintendo Revolution Controller

Revolution is the next generation console from Nintendo. Although the official name has not been released, the revolution console is quickly becoming known for a real revolution, which lies completely in the controller. The interesting features of the controller are its gyroscopic like functionality. Tracking literal movement of the control in a 3D environment. Meaning, if you wave the controller around madly, it should translate to your character in the game.

The revolution controller currently cannot be purchased, but when they are available, expect a mad rush and limited stock. While the actual controllers may not be as limited as the actual console, expect them to sell like hotcakes. Here are the following things you need to know if you wish to purchase a controller upon launch of the system.

  1. The revolution controller will be included with the revolution console package. A revolution controller has absolutely no functionality without purchasing the console. The best way to ensure yourself a console at this point in time is to think ahead and pre-order. You'll also likely face long lines to get your hands on one.
  2. The revolution controller will be available in five different colors. Red, black, white, green and blue. The color will determine which controller you pick, as these will be very sleek, and you'll definitely want to display them proudly when they are first released.
  3. You should be able to purchase individual extra controllers when the system launches. Expect these controllers to fall into the price range of about $50 initially.
  4. The other interesting thing about the revolution controller, is that it will launch with a series of extra features. The list is nowhere from complete or solid, but expect at least 5 different attachments to be sold for your revolution console. One of which, the nun-chuck attachment, should be included with your system.

    Certain games may support certain attachments, so you will want to keep track, and purchase accessories accordingly. Other accessories may even be included in package deals when you buy games. Look for these great deals as money saving options.


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