How To Buy a Playstation 3

Playstation 3 is the exciting next generation console from Sony. Toting all the usual features of console gaming, with big upgrades, the PS3 promises to be one of the most powerful consoles around for quite some time. One of the most exciting features of the new PS3 is its blue tooth technology, the next generation of the DVD format. Blue tooth is the superior format of the two, but also the more expensive. For this reason, although the price point of the PS3 has yet to be officially announced, expect the console to be very expensive, in the 800 dollar range.

  1. If you are interested in purchasing a PS3, then your best course of action is to plan ahead. If the launch of the PS3 is anything similar to that of the PS2, expect consoles to sell fast, and be almost nearly impossible to find for Christmas. If you have made the decision to purchase a PS3, you need to start planning now, and order your PS3 ahead of time.
  2. There are only two ways you are going to get your hands on a PS3 early. The first of which is to pre-order the console. However, pre-ordering does not necessarily mean you will be receiving a console on the day of the release. Make sure you discuss this issue with the company you are pre-ordering from. Ask them if there is anything you can do to guarantee you will get a console. Keep in mind that Sony has probably not provided retailers with the number of consoles they will be receiving, so it is very easy for a retailer to pre-order too many, and not be able to meet demand. Pre-order means they will only reserve you a console when they have enough stock to cover it; pre-ordering is not a guarantee!
  3. Probably the best way to get your hands on a console is to pre-order, and make sure you get yourself in a line early. If this means waiting for 12 or more hours, so be it. From past indications of console releases, such as the recent Xbox 360, getting your hand on a console is very tough. If you want one, your best chance is to pre-order, and get in line when it's released.
  4. Finally, there is one last option if all else fails. You will always be able to get a console, but at a price. Expect consoles to be up for auction on third party sites like eBay from the fortunate people that did get ahold of them. However, expect prices to be skewed; people may be charging upwards of $2,000. If you have the money to burn, you should have no issues winning an auction and getting one, but if you already think the PS3 is expensive, you are best off waiting in line with the rest of the world!

Remember: the most important part is to not get frustrated, and to plan well ahead. The only way you will get a PS3 for Christmas is by buying smart, pre-ordering, and waiting in long lines. If you manage to do these things, you should be able to get your hands on one of the greatest new consoles of this generation!


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