How To Use TiVo

DVR is an abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder. Essentially, this is a hybrid of your old VHS recording system with many new benefits. DVRs can record live television and rewind, play, and pause the action on the screen as you are watching it. You can set up your DVR to record all your favorite shows and never have to worry about it again. If you buy a DVR with a DVD burner, you will have unlimited storage for anything you decide to keep long-term.

  1. Using a DVR is pretty straightforward. For this, we will use the TiVo model, which is currently the biggest supplier of DVRs, and the model other DVRs have emulated. Once you have set up your DVR using the correct instructions for your system, you are set to start using it right away!
  2. Once your DVR has loaded your program guide, start with the search feature. You can look at shows playing right now, or in a couple of hours, or search for a program. Try searching for your favorite show, and watch as the next episode pops up. Now, you can set your DVR to record the TV show, for the next episode, next couple of episodes, or entire season. Assuming you don't want to record reruns, set your DVR to record only new episodes. Then you can even set up your DVR to adjust to any time delays in the starting or ending of the program, and set how long you'd like the unit to keep them. Voila -- once you have targeted all the shows you'd like to record, you never have to worry again!
  3. Now we can explore some of the other options with your DVR. Find a program that is currently on TV. What you need to understand is that if you haven't set your DVR to record a program, you can't jump on it and immediately rewind. DVRs only record for shows you are watching or have told it to record, and a DVR will only keep the syndication you are watching for a few hours of record time. Don't expect to jump onto a program midway through it then and rewind it. Unfortunately the DVR storage is not big enough to support that maneuver. Assuming you've started a program from the beginning, try a few things. Use your remote to pause the program. Then play again. Try rewinding the program to the beginning, and watching it to the next commercial break.
  4. Since you are now not watching the program in real time, the DVR will keep recording the live broadcast. Once you reach a commercial break, you can fast-forward right through it. However, note that you may not fast-forward any further than the real time live broadcast. This will probably be something companies may offer in the future through TV on demand, but unfortunately it is not a current technology with your DVR.
  5. TiVo comes packed with many other great features, such as the wish list. The wish list allows you to automatically pick out programming based on your favorite actors, writers, directors, or even sports team. If you have a favorite person in showbiz, you can automatically allow TiVo to record anything playing that has their name tagged onto it. TiVo allows you to pick and record shows that match your interests, whatever they may be. From series, genres, actors, or your favorite movie, it is easy to find and record.
  6. TiVo also offers a wide array of other features (all for a price, of course!). For example, with the series 2 boxes, you can actually set your TiVo box to record from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection! Did you head on a business trip, and simply forgot that Trump was starting up his new season? Fear no longer because you can access your TiVo box at home. TiVo also appeals to parents of children, with all kinds of great parental features that allow you to program a safe and happy environment for your children. Find age appropriate shows, and you can easily filter what they watch so you don't have to worry.

The important thing to remember is that TiVo is not the only form of DVR on the market. However, it was the first and it is the name brand that many of its competitors DVRs have tried so hard to copy.


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