How To Buy and Play Soul Calibur 2 and 3

Soul Calibur 2 and 3 are popular 3-D fighting games for the PS2, Nintendo Gamecube, and XBOX gaming consoles. Released by Namco of America, games from the Soul Calibur series are known for their brilliant graphics and lightning fast play.

  1. Soul Calibur games can be bought at most major electronics stores, from specialty video game stores such as Gamestop, or online at any site that sells video games. Games are occasionally available on online auction sites; if you're looking for a good deal, spend some time looking around.
  2. A-button is for horizontal attacks. Horizontal attacks are usually fast, high attacks which are good at hitting sidesteppers and 8-way runners. Use them liberally to hold off moving opponents.
  3. B-button deals vertical attacks. Verticals attacks are usually slightly slower than A attacks, can hit ducked opponents, but they miss most 8-way running and sidestepping opponents. If an A-attack and a B-attack hit simultaneously, the B attack will break through the A attack completely, dealing damage. If you don't think your opponent is going to move much, use more B attacks!
  4. G-button is for guarding. By pressing G, a character goes into a defensive posture and is immune from normal physical attacks. During this animation, the character cannot move or attack. In general, it is better to try and sidestep or duck an attack then block it, but when that's not possible, guarding is your best option.
  5. Throws can be initiated by pressing A+G or B+G, each producing a different throw. Throws can be escaped if the opponent presses A or B very quickly after throw animation begins. Throws deal significantly more damage than most normal attacks, but can be easily ducked.
  6. Pressing A+B+C activates a Soul Charge, which gives your character's moves new properties. Some normal moves become guard crushes, and some of your guard crushes will turn unblockable. Be sure to experiment in training mode to see what Soul Charging does for your character!
  7. Each character has a vast array of moves and special moves, but only a few of them are good. Try isolating your repertoire of moves to only the very best ones, then throw in a few more simply to confuse opponents. You'll find that playing the most consistent and damaging moves provide great results.


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