How To Buy VHS Movies

VHS tapes are an old form of video storage. Much like tapes were phased out by CDs, DVDs have come and may soon be obsolete as well. A few years back, Hollywood stopped producing all of their blockbuster movies on VHS tapes, so unfortunately, you will no longer to be able to buy new movies on VHS. But, if your classic collection lacks an older tape, fear not, there are still plenty of places to find VHS tapes, and these are some tips that will help you.


  1. Buy used, or buy from a collector. It is pretty rare that you will be able to buy unwrapped VHS tapes. Unless stores still have them hidden safely in the back, it is safe to say that most VHS owners have unwrapped, and watched a video several times. Fortunately, plenty of people have collected VHS tapes, and since replaced their collection completely with the DVD counterparts. VHS tapes are cheap, and really easy to find if you know where to look.
  2. If you are looking for something specific, go online at an auction site such as eBay. Chances are you will probably be bidding on unwrapped VHS tapes, as used tapes are not worth a seller's time. This will ensure that you will be receiving a quality working tape. If you are buying used tapes, be extremely careful. VHS tapes are easily damaged, so there is a possibility you will receive a VHS tapes that isn't working.
  3. Search for some garage sales. If someone has not had one in the last couple of years, you can almost guarantee VHS tapes will be for sale. You should be able to find some great videos, depending on the seller's preference, and may be able to get lots of VHS tapes at an excellent price.
  4. If you are looking for something more specific, step into blockbuster. Blockbuster no longer adds any VHS tapes to their collection, however a quick scan will yield many old titles still up for rent. The great thing with Blockbuster's new system is that they offer you a purchase option. You'll probably be surprised to learn the dollar amount to purchase the tape after renting is $0. This is because Blockbuster is looking to liquidate their VHS tape inventory. Shop around and see what you can still snag from Blockbuster, or any other local video store before they are finally sold-out.


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