How To Get News About Nintendo Wii

The Console Formerely Known as "Revolution"

With the Xbox 360 already in stores and the release date for the Playstation 3 already confirmed, it seems that Nintendo is the only company set to release a next-gen gaming system that hasn't given the public more than just a few brief glances of the things that hover over the horizon. Of course, this is just the way that Nintendo wants it.

News concerning Nintendo's next system, known as the "Wii," has been sparse at best. For the longest time, the system was known as the "Revolution," but just as the gaming community had accepted that name, Nintendo revealed the actual name of the system. If even the name of the system is subject to such a drastic change, how are we going to know anything else about it before it's released?

  1. Take the time to search the internet periodically for information concerning the Nintendo Wii. A variety of reputable gaming sites are constantly looking for new information, and post it as soon as it becomes available. With the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (better known as E3), there is a lot of information available -- titles, information about the innovative controller and its attachments, and game publishers who have stated that they'll support the Nintendo Virtual Console.
  2. Question everything. Don't accept the truth of everything you read about the Wii, even if a site presents its information as fact. Rumors and false starts abound, packaged as the truth only to be revealed later as false. While E3 has shown a lot of what the Wii can do, there is still a lot that has been left to speculation.
  3. Be patient. By all indications, the Nintendo Wii is scheduled to be released in the late fall of 2006 (likely around October or November) to rival the release of the Playstation 3. The closer we come to the release date, the more information will be released. After all, Nintendo is going to be trying to draw customers to their system using price, innovation, and the Virtual Console that they have already confirmed. And they want to make a splash.
  4. Expect a few surprises. Nintendo did not release the price of the console at E3, though it's rumored to likely be $249. However, it's important to remember that Nintendo is well known for keeping their secrets until the time is right. Look at the Nintendo DS, a system that seemed strange and surprising because of its innovations and ended up being a huge hit for the company. It's very likely that the Nintendo Wii is going to be treated in a similar manner.


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