How To Buy Apple iPod Accessories

After purchasing your Apple iPod, it becomes apparent that you will need several accessories to go along with it. Some of these accessories are more necessary than others. Nevertheless it is important to know where to get them, and what is available. First, let's consider some of the different accessories that are available for purchase. Whether your Apple iPod is a large 20 or even 40 gig, a mini, a shuffle, or a new Nano, there is a plethora of accessories available! The iPod will come with the appropriate USB cord in order to charge and load songs, and a pair of headphones. There are, of course, many other headphone options, all of which can be used with the iPod. There are also different options for charging your Apple iPod. You can purchase a dock, which your iPod will sit upright in and charge. This dock can also be hooked up to your radio at home allowing you to listen to your songs over your radio speakers.

Other items include the iTrip, which is a small attachment for your Apple iPod that allows you to listen to your iPod transmitted through a radio signal in your car. There are also many other options and hook-ups for listening in your vehicle. Now to consider the more vanity-driven accessories for your Apple iPod. There are numerous cases which can be purchased to carry your iPod in. There are also many covers available. These not only give your iPod different appearances based on your mood, but they will often protect it from a lot of damage.

Places to consider when purchasing iPod accessories:

  1. Your Local Apple Store: If you purchased your iPod at an Apple Store, it is always a good bet that you will be able to find what you are looking for at that same location. This is also a great idea because the staff will always be able to help you with any questions you may have regarding the accessory. Prices at the Apple store will be a bit higher than at other locations, but you can be certain of high quality and a high level of service. Accessories are also available at

  • Target Stores: If there is a local Target store in your area, this is a great place to look for iPod accessories. This is often where I purchase mine. The iTrip costs roughly $20 at Target. This is a very good price. Often their accessories will be a brand other than Apple, called Belkin. I have been purchasing these accessories and they work well and seem (so far) to be as high quality as the Apple products.
  • Best Buy Stores: Best Buy stores have begun to sell Ipod accessories. While selection may be small at this point with only a few kiosks of covers and carrying cases in the aisles, it is certain that their selection will increase with time. This is especially true as the popularity of iPods increases.
  • eBay: Many people are turning to eBay now to purchase their iPod. When a new one might cost $300, a slightly used one off of eBay might cost only $200. This is also true for accessories. A variety of items can be found throughout the site. Often you will be able to find anything there that you could find in the stores. On eBay, of course, you have to bid on the items and must use credit or PayPal to pay for your items. If you choose to do so, always make sure that you check out the seller's review first before bidding to make sure they have been reliable in their deliveries.
  • Shopping for your iPod accessories can be a fun, yet expensive process. While I happen to know some people who call their iPods their babies...the accessories are probably worth every penny! Good luck and happy shopping!


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