How To Download a Sega Genesis Emulator

Anyone in a certain age bracket remembers the Sega Genesis, marathon Madden and NHL sessions with your friends, reminiscent of the old Techmo days of Nintendo. Now you can relive your glory days and satisfy every nostalgic gaming desire anytime you want, thanks to the magic of emulation! Here are a couple of easy steps to get you playing all your old favorites in no time at all.

Let's get started downloading your new emulator!

  1. Computer compatibility. Before you spend time in front of the computer screen downloading, make sure your computer can handle the program. Typically computers made in the last five years have no problem; just make sure yours is running at 500mhz or higher. To check the status and strength of your machine go to "System Properties". Memory does not factor into compatibility, it is the processing speed that counts.
  2. Look online for the emulator. A great site to check out is It's usually the best site for reliable emulators. Right now, there are five Sega Genesis emulators available. I recommend downloading the Gens 2.12 for its quality, speed and downloading dependability. You can find it by clicking here:
  3. Perform the download. Find the "Gens 2.12" icon or link and click on it. After you click, a screen will appear and ask if you'd like to open or save to disk. Choose to save. The file will download immediately.
    sega genesis emulator
  4. Install. Once the file is completely downloaded, open the "". After the file opens, double-click on the "gens" icon. The Extraction Wizard will pop up on your screen at this point. Click "next." Now you have the opportunity to extract the files either to your default location (your documents and settings folder) or a modified location where the files can be saved. It may be easier to load them to the desktop and integrate them into your computer under the appropriate folders at a later time. Click "next." After the files are extracted, you'll see a window telling you it's done. The "would you like to view the files" box will have a check in it. Click finish.
  5. Open and enjoy. If the program is not already running (first time downloaders may experience an auto load) double-click on the Gens Icon. If you are using Windows XP, you'll be asked if you're sure you want to run it. Select "run" and the emulator will start. Load a Sega Genesis Rom into the drive-now you are ready to play. A gamepad or joystick is a great addition to your Genesis collection since it makes playing the games easier and more enjoyable. To make the joystick or gamepad compatible with your system, go to "controller settings" under the "options" tab. Configure the new addition here.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of great Genesis Roms to play and, with this emulator, you should be able to play them all just as if you were using an original Sega console in 1996. Have fun!


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