How To Download a Neo Geo Rom

Neo Geo was released in 1990 as a home console and arcade machine. Both used the same cartridge system allowing arcade operators to change games in their machines with ease and those at home access to the same technology. That came with an enormous price tag and as a result the home version was a bit of a bust. Arcades, however, did well by the machine mostly because of its awesome 2-D shooters such as the Metal Slug series and fighting games like King of Fighters.  Of course, today's arcade-style gaming fans don't always go for the older machines.  If you're one of those who likes both old and new games, it's a good chance you've got an Xbox 360; if you need help fixing that machine, I recommend the Red Light Fix Repair Guide.

In any case, you can now have most of the games listed above to play on your Neo Geo emulators like Kawaks, MAME, Final Burn Alpha and others ( Here's how to download a Rom for them.

  1. Find a Neo Geo Rom site. There are a ton of Rom sites these days. Problem is, most of them want to get your vote as being the "best ROM site" instead of making it easy for you to actually get the Rom. This is the best I've found so far:
  2. Download the Rom. So you have found the game you want to play on your emulator. Click the title. The new screen might have a screenshot and some info on the game you want. Click the "download now" link. A box will appear, presenting you with an option: "open with" or "save to disk." Click "save to disk." A new window (your downloads window) pops up and you have two more options: "open" or "remove." Click on "open" and a new window appears, showing your Neo Geo Rom. Minimize this window for now but keep it open.
  3. Place Rom in the emulator folder. Locate your Neo Geo emulator folder. To do this, click on "program files" in "my computer," and simply click on the emulator when you find it. It should open up to show all the folders contained within the program.

    Open the one labeled "Roms." Return to the Neo Geo Rom window you minimized a step ago, and now maximize it. Now you can drag the new Rom file over to your Rom folder in your emulator (drag the item by clicking and holding down on it as you move it). The new game should now be installed in the proper place for play.

  4. Test the new Rom. Clear your screen of all windows. Find your Neo Geo emulator program and click on it. Click "file" and scroll to "load Rom." There you'll see the names of all of your Neo Geo Rom files. Clicking on your new game will cause it to start without delay.

Follow those steps and you'll be gaming in no time. Remember, in 1990 this system and one game cost over $600! It is a true Arcade quality system and the graphics and playability stand up even 15 years later. Enjoy!


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