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Learn How To Hand Download Yu Gi Oh and Start Playing Today

The Yu Gi Oh franchise began as Japanese manga in 1994 and exploded into a multi-media entity that boasts television, motion pictures, card games, toys and video games. Nintendo's Gameboy Advance is the perfect system to play games based on this franchise because Gameboy Advance lends itself to card-type games and head-to-head action. Before following the steps below, make sure to get a Yu Gi Oh Gameboy Rom and be sure to have a good Gameboy Advance emulator that plays the latest and greatest Roms. Look here if you need a Gameboy Advance emulator:, a list of emulators ranked by popularity. This will help you play Gameboy Boy playing video gameAdvance Games

Follow this guide to learn how to download a Yu Gi Oh Gameboy Advance Rom:

  1. Find a Gameboy Advance Rom site. Unfortunately, these are a dime a dozen and most of them are quite annoying, but if you are persistent, you will find a good site to download Yu Gi Oh Roms. On top of that, Yu-Gi-Oh Roms seem to be particularly difficult to find. But have no fear-they are out there. Visit this site: You'll be presented with a list of individual sites. I have found one in particular to be better than most:
  2. Download a Yu Gi Oh Rom. Look for a Yu Gi Oh game you desire, and click on the title. You will be asked if you want to save to disk-click this to download the Rom. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for this site as it takes you to a new site where you will be downloading the file. RapidShare is a file-hosting site that offers both premium and free downloading. Scroll to the bottom and click "free." This brings you to the downloading screen, which is where you pay the price for being frugal-it can be painfully slow downloading, but eventually the file will download Yu Gi Oh. However you downloaded the Rom, when it is completely downloaded click "open" to see the file(s) you have acquired. Minimize this window.
  3. Place the Rom in your emulator folder. Find the Gameboy Advance emulator folder on your computer. You can go to "my computer," then click on "program files." Look for the emulator and click on it. You should then see all the folders contained in the program. Find the one marked "Roms" and open it. Now go back and maximize the window containing your new Yu Gi Oh Rom. Click and hold on the new Rom file, dragging it over to your Rom folder in your emulator. The new game should now be installed in the proper place for gaming.
  4. Test the new Rom. Exit from everything and open the Gameboy Advance emulator. Click "file" and select "load Rom." The names of all your GBA Rom files will appear. Find your new game and click on it; the game should start right away.

Follow those steps and you'll be enjoying YuGiOh games in no time. Once in a while, google "yu gi oh gameboy advance roms" and see what you can find on your own-new Roms appear online frequently. Good luck gaming!


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