How To Find Xbox Reviews

Microsoft released its Xbox in 2001 with much fanfare and high hopes of dethroning Sony as king of the consoles. With it's superior graphics capability and online playability, it was poised to do just that and has made great inroads in the console wars. The key to winning will always lay within the software created for the system. So if you've already got an Xbox or are waiting to see what it can do before deciding, why not take a look at what games it has to offer. Here are some search tips.

  1. Look online. There are many places one can go to get reviews of Xbox games on the web. From professional gaming journalists to newbie stick jockeys, everyone has an opinion and they are all online. First let's start with the pros. Sites like and have comprehensive and professional system reviews, including excellent Xbox coverage. Xbox-specific sites are also helpful;, contain good review sections and forums where everyday players get to express opinions on games, new and old.

For a good collection of online reviews, I recommend you visit It lists the newest reviews from all over the web. Personally, I look here first for my reviews because it is the easiest and quickest. is the home site of the console and contains reviews, but I tend to look outside the official site for unbiased opinions.

  • Magazines. Microsoft's Official Xbox Magazine is the biggest and comes with an excellent demo disc filled with trailers, game demos and gaming advice. Of course, you have to remember that the site is managed by the same company that wants you to buy as many games as possible and play them on their machine.

    Xbox Nation is also a great Xbox-only publication and, some would say, less biased than Microsoft's. For other print media with great game reviews, consider Electronic Gaming Monthly, one of the grand-daddies of console gaming review publications. I trust it above all others and love the witty and informative reviews. Game Pro, Play, and Game Informer (Game Stop's Magazine) all do an excellent job covering the Xbox. Most even keep an archive of old reviews just in case you are playing those games for the first time. There are also numerous upstart magazines from which to choose, but I wanted to cover the biggest and best here.  

  • Podcasts. Podcasts are relatively new, but still a good source of information. Most of the previously mentioned sites now feature podcasts that you can download to your ipod or mp3 player. Check out and  for starters, but look at the online review sites for their podcasts, too.
  • Remember, these places usually look for gamer reviews so you could be part of this process. Check them out and contribute if you want. Good gaming!


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