How To Buy a Nintendo Gamecube

The Nintendo Gamecube is Nintendo's fourth generation of home console video game systems.  Unequipped with a hard-disk drive or DVD-playing capability, the Gamecube nevertheless boasts some of the most exciting and innovative video games available on the market.  Gamecubes feature small 1.5 gig discs for faster loading time, and a comfortable, ergonomic controller.  The Gamecube can also connect to the Gameboy Advance through a cable, unlocking special features in supported games.

  1. Buy a new Gamecube from a retail location.  Most major electronics stores and dedicated video game stores sell new Gamecube's for around $99.99, and they often are available in a variety of colors.  New Gamecubes usually come with a single controller and television cables, but no memory cards or games.  For a store locator, visit and enter your address to find the nearest retail location.

  • Buy a used or refurbished Gamecube from a retail location.  A refurbished Gamecube is factory re-conditioned and inspected, and guaranteed to work, though it may not come with a box and instruction manual.  Used Gamecubes are usually inspected less rigorously, though they occasionally are cheaper than their refurbished counterparts, which retail around $69.99.  Like new consoles, used systems typically come with a controller and necessary cables, but no memory cards or games.
  • Buy a Gamecube online.  New or used, you can find Gamecubes from retail websites for the same prices you can find online.  You can also purchase Gamecubes from popular online classified sections like, or from auction sites such as  You can commonly find used consoles that are sold with several games included.  However, not all of these sites have the same guarantees that the item will work properly, so be sure to read the fine print and ask sellers how recently and thoroughly the consoles were tested. 
  • Buy games and accessories.  Gamecube games can be bought at all major electronics retailers and dedicated video game stores, and can be found new or used online at hundreds of websites.  A popular site is, which allows you to buy both new or used games for a variety of prices.  Games usually cost $5.99 and up.  In addition to whatever games you want to play, be sure to also pick up a memory card ($19.99) so you can save your progress, as well as another controller ($24.99 to $34.99) if you want to play with a friend.

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