How To Find Cheats for Doom3 for Xbox

When Doom was released in 1993, it took the innovative Wolfenstein 3-D first person shooter concept, ratcheted up the graphics and the gore, and made its way onto an estimated 10 million computers. Doom changed the way people played video games and how people spent time at the office.

In 2004, id Software released an updated version, "Doom 3" for the PC and home consoles, including the Xbox. It is essentially the original Doom retold and glitzed up. Scary and atmospheric, Doom 3 also has some challenging game-play that may get you frustrated. Luckily, there are certain tricks and cheats that can get you past anything the game throws at you, and then some. Here are a few ways to find the help.

  1. Look on the internet. Gaming is so big right now that there are literally thousands of sites catering to those who might be less inclined to win the old-fashioned way. Conduct a google or yahoo search for "doom 3 cheats," and you can't go wrong with the first five results that appear. The usual suspects are Gamespot, IGN and Cheatscodesguides. Among these three sites, you should have every cheat ever programmed into the game. They also have secrets and hints just in case you don't want to totally go to the dark side of cheating.

    Also check out,, and Most of these sites have forums where you can ask other gamers for help cheating if you think there might be some more cheats out there. Remember, these are the sites I found to be most helpful; there are a thousand more out there that might be just as helpful. 

  2. Publications. There is a bunch of gaming magazines out on the newsstands right now, full of cheats. The challenge is finding the right one for your game. Some of these magazines do keep an archive of select cheats, usually somewhere in the back pages. Check Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Pro, Official Xbox Magazine, Game Informer and Xbox Nation.

    There are also game guides you can acquire. Prima has long been the place to get them, and they do make a very good one for Doom 3. They actually also have a website that is pretty thorough:  

Between the internet and the gaming magazines, you should have plenty of codes to get through this game with nary a scratch. I found it interesting that Doom 3 cheats are entered like old school cheats. You tap a sequence of buttons to enable them, unlike most games these days that have a "cheat" option in the menu where you type in a code. Good luck battling the demons from hell on Mars!


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