How To Find Cheats for Fable for Xbox

Fable is an action Role Playing Game (RPG) released on the Xbox in 2005. It was created by one of the most innovative game designers in history, Peter Molyneux, who's known for creating games where you control most of the story and action. With regards to this game, he put more emphasis on the action. As with most RPG's, you gain points and skills by completing tasks and exploring. You're rewarded with greater strength, better weapons and powers.

For Fable, there are no classic "cheats" in that there is no "god mode" or "unlimited ammo" cheat. There are however, certain things you can get without actually earning them the hard way. This is cheating as far as I'm concerned. Let the cheating begin!

  1. Look for Fable cheats online. If you look on a search engine such as Yahoo or Google and type in "Fable cheats," you'll find pretty much all you need to get through the game easier.  Gamespy has a great Fable section, as does IGN. Other sites that I found to have valuable Fable stuff were Neoseeker, Cheatscodesguides and Consolecheats.

Some of these might just be location cheats (telling you where to find stuff that will help you). They also might just have a hint for a particular level or sticky situation, making it easier for you to escape. Any way you look at it, these will help you get through the game with a lot less hassle than if you were to play it straight. 

  • Look for Fable cheats on the newsstand. Every gaming mag has pretty good cheat sections that cover a bunch of games. You may have to look around for your particular game, but it will be in there somewhere. All the Xbox magazines and the big gaming mags like Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Informer and Game Pro will have either a full feature or at least a summary of cheats. They all archive cheats in every issue -- look in the back of the publication. Once a game has been available for a while and people have mastered the ins and outs, there will be plenty of things written in there to help you. Prima Strategy Guides also offers a guide/hint book you can pick up at any large game store like EB Games or Game Stop. These are comprehensive, in depth and dead-on accurate guides that are actually pretty easy to follow. 
  • With more of an action-adventure flavor, not to mention the interesting option of playing as either good or evil, Fable is a great game for those people not to into the RPG scene. The available cheats and hints will help you down either path, but we all know it's more fun to be bad. Have fun and good luck!


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