How To Find Game Cheats for Playstation 2

The Sony Playstation 2 was released in the fall of 2000 as the first of the big three consoles of the last generation (along with the Xbox and Gamecube). It has the distinction of being the best-selling home console of all time, replacing its predecessor, the first Playstation. To date, there are over 5,000 games available for the Playstation, and its backward compatibility to the original PS boosts that number to over 13,000! The problem is that you'll never finish all of them, unless you cheat of course! Where can you find cheats? I'll show some places here.

  1. As always, check the internet. If you conduct a Google search for "playstation 2 cheats," you will have your pick of hundreds of sites claiming to have all the cheats you need. I picked out a few that seem to be the cream of the crop and most helpful. You can usually search these sites by game genre or letter that begins the game's name. They have mostly the same cheats so it may be just a matter of which layout you like.

  2. Check your local electronics or gaming store. Circuit City, Best Buy, EB Games, Game Stop and others all carry some sort of cheat disk. There are a couple of different products that contain thousands and thousands of cheats, usually on a DVD, CD-ROM or USB device.

    Code Breaker, offers the best products, in my opinion. They have disks and USB memory filled with cheats! There are even games saved on there, so you can play as if you've already finished levels or even the whole game. You'll also find unlocked secrets and extras. You can put these into your Playstation, scroll through the menus, find the game or games in which you want to cheat and download them to your memory card. Simple and easy, it's also never obsolete because you can go online and add cheats as they are discovered. Remember, new codes and saves are free on the website, but they will not work without the Code Breaker disk! The instructions for getting more codes are in the box and in the FAQ section of the website.

  3. Check in the magazine rack. There are a couple really good gaming magazines out there with good cheat sections. A few are Playstation-only titles. Official US Playstation Magazine is made by Sony and comes with a demo disc. PSM, or Playstation Magazine, is also good with many cheats and reviews. Magazines that cover all consoles, but might nevertheless be helpful, include Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Pro, Play and Game Informer. They usually have a cheat section and cover a ton of games.

So get started on those games or resume one you stopped because it got too tough. With the resources provided above, you should handle them with no problem at all.


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