How To Find and Use Gameboy Advance ROMs

Gameboy Advance emulators allow people to play all the great Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games on their PC, Palm Pilot or Smart Phones. There are thousands of games from which to choose. You just need to know where to look and how to play them!

  1. Find Gameboy Advance Roms. There are a few places online to find Roms, but only some of them are of any use at all to you. Http:// may be of highest value to you, but even this site comes with some hitches.

    Go on the site and find a game you'd like to play. Click on it. Some of the files will be ready to start downloading at once, in which case you'll be asked if you want to open it or save to disk. Click either option because you are going to save it later.

    Some files are located on a separate site that hosts files and may not be available right away. The files are, however, out there for the taking-you just need to look a little harder. Look on the page that opens up for a "click here to download" button or something similar. If the link is to a file sharing site you may have to wait a couple of seconds to download your Rom. When asked, click "open compressed file." One drawback of web sharing sites is that they download slowly. Once your chosen file finally downloads, you'll see the file pop up on the screen. Drag it to your desktop.

  2. Install the Rom in your emulator Rom folder. Click on "my computer," then "program files." Next, look for you Gameboy Advance emulator folder and locate either the game folder or Rom folder. Minimize this window so you can see the desktop, allowing you to easily drag the new Rom into your Rom or game folder.

  3. Play your new Gameboy Rom. Click on your Gameboy Advance emulator icon. When it opens up, click on "file" and then "open." You'll be taken to your game/Rom files if it is configured correctly. If it is not configured it will open up in your "My Documents," in which case you should just look for your game or Rom folder and open it up yourself. Look for your new game in the files, which should be automatically alphabetized. Click on the correct file. The game should automatically start on your emulator. If you cannot find the document use the "Search" feature under the "Start" key on your computer. Type in the name of the file for a quick search.

  4. Configure your emulator. Your game should work fine in the default settings of your emulator, but you may want to tweak them a little. The screen defaults to a very small screen, just like the Gameboy's screen. To alter the display size, you can go to "options" on the top menu and down to "video." The default is x1, so consider trying x2 or x3 since these are bigger and you don't lose as much clarity as you would if you chose the "full screen" option. I would recommend purchasing a good USB gamepad and using it instead of the computer's keyboard. You can configure the gamepad in the "Joypad" options. Make it your default so that the next time you use it, the joypad will be operational.

You should be all set and playing in no time!


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