How To Find Computer Game Cheats

Computer gaming has been around pretty much as long as home computers. From the early text-based adventure games to the top-notch, graphically stunning games of today, computers offer the biggest selection of games (usually at better prices). Some people won't play anything but computer games, especially when it comes to first person shooters. With so many games at your disposal, you might be tempted to use less-than-honest means to beat them.

Have you no shame?

Luckily there are plenty of places you can find cheats and codes to help you along the way!

  1. Search on the web. There are a good amount of sites that feature PC cheats.

  • Most game companies have a site exclusively for their games and they feature cheats and codes.
  • There are so many more places on the internet to get cheats you can do a Google or Yahoo search for the name of the game or just "pc cheats" and peruse the results.

  • Also, on the sites listed above, you can enter their forums and ask people if you need a particular cheat. Check out additional forums on Craigslist, MSN groups, Yahoo groups and various newsgroups. 
  • Look for computer gaming magazines. Usually you have to look no further than PC Gamer magazine, Computer Gaming World or Computer Games. These are the most popular PC gaming publications, and for good reason. My personal preference has always been PC Gamer; it comes with a demo disc and has reviews of games and hardware. Game Pro and Electronic Gaming Monthly have PC cheats and reviews, but are not exclusively focused on computer gaming. 
  • Remember, PC cheats are different than other video games cheating. You need to get into the cheat console usually by pressing the tilde key (~). This brings up a screen onto which you will type your new cheat code. Most games don't save the cheat, so when you go back to playing that game, you'll have to bring up the screen and type the code again (a small price to pay for the ability to dominate). Good luck, gamer!

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    all the fun goes away if you start getting addicted to cheats. the real fun lies on the challenge. don't you think?

    By Alessandra Leonhardt