How To Find the Best Xbox Walkthroughs

The Xbox's countless games vary in quality and difficulty. Sometimes you find yourself playing a great game that is easy as pie, only to find it grow increasingly difficult until it's no longer any fun.

Fear not!  There are tools to help you conquer annoying puzzles, find hidden items and basically learn exactly what to do every step of the way so you can finish the game. These are called "walkthroughs." I have found walkthroughs to be very useful in finishing off some games I was just too unskilled to figure out on my own. Here's where to look!

  1. A lot of the same online places sporting cheats and hints will also provide walkthroughs. There won't be as many walkthroughs as those other items, though, because of the unbelievable undertaking of actually writing one. All the big games will probably be represented, but some lesser known ones might be hard to find. I like IGN and Gameshark. Just go to the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the specific game, and click on it. always offers valuable help in its game FAQ section, as does Cheatcodesguides. If you are looking for a loose walkthrough, these sites that have FAQs and guides will often be just as much help as a full-blown walkthrough. 

  • Look on bookshelves of game stores. Prima Strategy Guides have been around for years and publish big books that take you by the hand and get you through the tough spots (and the easy spots, for that matter). They currently feature over 280 Xbox game guides and are available in actual paperback form or as an eguide, which is simply the same thing but online and downloadable. However, usually you can find all the same information contained in these Prima guides ($10 to $16) for free on the internet. So unless you want a nice looking, red-spined book for your shelf, there's no need to buy one. 

  • Check the magazine rack. Some gaming magazines might occasionally throw a walkthrough into an issue, but do so only rarely. Walkthroughs are just too large to feature all the time. Some magazines will release special "guide" issues or even game-specific issues that contain walkthroughs - you just need to look for them as they're released.

  • If you consult these places, you will most likely find what you need to get through any game. Good luck!


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