How To Find Games for Girls Online

If your girls want to play games online, it is important for you to help them locate sites that are not only fun, but also appropriate and safe. These tips and recommendations will help you find the best online girls' games available today.

  1. Never forget safety. Girls should not surf the Internet unsupervised. If your daughter is looking for new games she can play online, it is important for you to help her select them. Once you have identified appropriate game sites for girls, you can add them to your parental control software, so she can access them.
  2. Consider your girls' interests. Many popular movies, television shows and products have games and web sites associated with them; often, these online games are equally appropriate for girls and will appeal to them. For example, if a girl loves to watch Kim Possible on Disney Channel, she will probably be a fan of the free online Kim Possible action games online at Disney. You should still preview games with known licenses to make sure they are in line with your family's values and your child's needs and interests.

    Have a preschooler who loves Backyardigans? Take her to the Nick Jr. web site so she can help Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone in an online adventure. Mattel's Barbie site has several fashion and story games for girls of all ages. PBS Kids' web site is another great place to try.

  3. Look for trusted content. Another way to find girls' games you can trust is to look on adult sites that you trust to see if they also offer children's content. For example, Yahoo has special kids' areas of the site called Yahooligans. Their games are fairly simple, but some like "Don't Jump on the Couch" and "Dress Darcy" are very popular with girls. For older girls, check out Pogo; the site has free and pay-to-play gaming in a secure environment.

  4. Looking for educational games online for your girls? Consider a subscription service like Brainpop. This high quality educational web site offers excellent games for girls and boys. The site offers a free trial, so you can check it out before you pay for anything.
  5. Many of the games girls play online are arcade and activity style games. However, older girls often enjoy playing in truly immersive environments online. These games are usually geared toward older girls--teens and tweens. If you are looking for some good options for the teen girl gamer in your family, check out Electronic Arts SimCity; it can be played on a standalone PC or online with other people. Blizzard Entertainment's online blockbuster World of Warcraft is also incredibly popular with a female audience; millions of players are enjoying this game online today.
  6. Check the software for assurances. Does the software specifically state it is appropriate for children? Does it prevent girls from chatting or sharing their personal information?


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