How To Find PC Game Patches

PC games are loads of fun, but sometimes when they ship there are small bugs in the program or imbalances in the game characters that make it less than enjoyable to play as certain characters, races, or factions.  One of the ways that PC game manufacturers try to fix these bugs and imbalances is by issuing patches -- small programs or bits of code that overwrite the bugged portion of the original game code with updated code that either fixes the bugs or re-balances some of the unbalanced game features.  Of course, being able to find the most recent patches for popular games is important to gamers who play online or at home.

  1. The game's online service.  The first thing that you should do when looking for PC game patches is to access the game's multiplayer or online service, if it has one.  Most modern PC games will check for new patches as you log into the multiplayer or online area, making sure that you have the latest version of the patch in order to ensure compatibility with other players.  If you don't have the most up-to-date patch, then the game will usually automatically download it and install the patch (though this typically requires you to restart the game afterward).
  2. Game developer's website.  If the game does not auto-download new patches when logging into the multiplayer or online sections of the game, you should try visiting the game developer's website.  Many developers will have news sections that announce recently released patches, and downloads available of those patches in an auto-installer format.
  3. Gaming websites.  Popular gaming news websites will often have a download section that contains the patches that are released for various games.  You can search the website for the game in question, visit that game's profile, and see if there are any patch downloads available for you to update your game with the latest patch.  Most patches downloaded in this manner come with an auto-installer, so that you simply have to run the patch program once it's downloaded in order to install the patch into your game.
  4. Use your search engine.  If you are unable to find the patch that you're looking for on popular gaming sites, then try doing a search with your preferred internet search engine, looking for patches for that specific game.  You need to be careful when searching for patches in this manner, however, and only download them from trustworthy websites; not taking the time to verify the source of your patch can lead to malicious software being installed on your computer without you even realizing it.


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