How To Find and Use PC Game Reviews

A large number of people in the world today play PC games.  Because there are so many PC gamers, PC game reviews are not difficult to come by.  The following steps can help you to find and use PC game reviews to your advantage.

  1. Decide what you're using the reviews for.  Are you looking for reviews on a specific game you might want to buy?  Are you looking to buy a game, and trying to find one with good reviews?  Are you targeting games in a specific genre?  Knowing what you'll use the reviews for will make it easier to find what you need.
  2. Find a PC game review site.  There are many on the web, and most can be found just by typing "PC game reviews" into Google.  A popular game review site is GameSpy.  You can also subscribe to video game magazines such as Game Informer, which will provide you with reviews as well. 

    When you find a source for video game reviews, look up some old reviews on games you've played to make sure that the publication agrees with your opinions to some extent.  Also, be familiar with the publication's rating system.  Some will give the elements of the game individual ratings, and then give the game an overall rating that doesn't directly correspond to those individual ratings.  If this is the case, and you don't care about a certain factor--say, graphics--then make sure to check out the individual ratings and the overall ratings for the best picture of the game.

  3. Read user reviews as well as professional reviews.  Other sites, such as GameFAQs, feature game reviews by users.  These can be useful in that you might be able to get a better picture of how the game matches up to other games that you like.  Checking a user's profile is a good way to ensure his integrity and other likes and dislikes.
  4. Overall, trust your instincts.  The best way to use PC game reviews is to save money--only buy the games that reviewers say are well-built.  However, just because a big magazine or website doesn't like a game, doesn't mean that you won't either.  If a game truly looks interesting, see if you can demo it at a store or a friend's house.  Sometimes the reviewers may differ in taste with you! 


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Really useful--I often read LOTS of reviews before choosing a game, to save money and time. :)

By Alessandra Leonhardt