How To Find and Use Gamecube Cheats

Nintendo has been around since the dawn of the gaming world.  The Gamecube, their latest TV console release, has been on the market for over five years now and is home to a host of innovative and fun video games beloved by gamers.  One way to get the most out of your Gamecube is to use cheats, which encompass a wide variety of tools.  The steps you need to find and use cheats follow.

  1. Understand what you mean by "cheats."  There are three different basic kinds of cheats.
    • Codes.  Codes are sequences of buttons or secret keywords which game developers have included in their game to give it an extra dimension.  These often trigger changes in the game such as infinite health, infinite lives, infinite ammo, deformed-looking characters, or loss of gravity in the game physics.
    • Hints.  Hints are just helpful tips which those who have already completed a game may list for others to use.  Examples of hints would be descriptions of where one can find a secret 1-Up, how to destroy an end boss, or what to do to get a certain game character to like you.
    • Glitches.  Glitches are issues with a game's programming which can be manipulated to a gamer's advantage (or which can just be fun).  Examples of glitches would be the ability to walk up walls where one is not suppose to, the disappearance of a player's avatar when he walks into a certain room, or the ability to shoot infinite bullets after completely a specific sequence of events.  The glitch differs from a code in that it was not intentional in the game developer's design).

    While you must take advantage of glitches as they come and hints have an obvious time and place, codes can be entered in a variety of different ways.  Some will involve special code menus that are integrated into the game's interface, and will require you to input a certain word or combination of characters.  Others might be button combos or sequences that must be entered at a certain point in the game (sometimes this is at the start-up screen, sometimes on a specific menu, and sometimes during gameplay).  Some codes are so goofy that they require the player use parts of his body other than hands in order to hold down all buttons at once, or something similar.  There are also codes entered with the use of specific game equipment (such as the Game Genie).  The procedure for the code you want to use will be included with the code itself on any reputable code resource.

  2. Find a source for useful cheats.  There are many books that have been published (and others that are being worked on now) that act as compendiums for all kinds of cheats for different games.  These can be purchased at many bookstores and ordered through catalogues.  Video game cheats can also be found in many popular gaming magazines, and it is likely that you will find cheats for newer games (such as those on Gamecube) here. 

    The internet is also an amazing source of cheat codes.  Websites such as GameFAQs or offer up thousands of cheats for all different kinds of games.

  3. Exercise caution.  Often cheat providers will flag certain cheats with a warning that states that using the cheat can scramble the user's save game, or render the game cartridge useless.  These claims may not always be true, but it is wise to consider them anyhow.  Always make a copy of your save game onto another memory card before you attempt a cheat on your saved game -- it might be the only thing that saves you from repeating hours of gameplay!


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